Sunday, 13 March 2011

2008 Tristar Prospects Plus

My friend Mark went on a trip to the USA last year and took his son, an avid Red Sox fan, to a Pawsox game at McCoy Stadium. He did the same thing the year before and his son left the game loaded with all sorts of goodies and he was able to 'run the bases' after the game as well. I am impressed with the way the affiliated clubs treat the future fans, unfortunately he didn't go the night Jacoby Ellsbury bobbleheads were being given away.
There is a healthy number of Red Sox prospects available in the 2008 Tristar sets, so there is a good chance of pulling one from this solitary pack of cards.There are six cards per pack with the tantalising promise of 'Farmhand' Autographed cards and 'Potential' game used Memorabilia. Buster Posey and Tim Beckham feature prominently on the pack.

The Red Sox cards available from this set are:
17 Casey Kelly PD
18 Ryan Westmoreland PD
29 Tyler Wilson PD
41 Pete Hissey PD
51 Tim Federowicz PD
55 Bryan Price PD
61 Jonathan Hee PD
82 Derrik Gibson PD
83 Pete Ruiz PD
95 Stephen Fife PD
102 Hunter Cervenka PD
104 Ryan Lavarnway PD
105 Kyle Weiland PD
107 Christian Vazquez PD
109 Mike Lee PD
137 Bryan Price, Stephen Fife, Kyle Weiland
138 Pete Hissey, Ryan Westmoreland, Bryan Peterson
139 Tim Federowicz, Christian Vasquez
140 Mike Lee, Mitch Herold
141 Lance McClain, Kyle Weiland
147 Pete Ruiz, Tyler Wilson, Seth Garrison, Alex Hale
148 Bryan Peterson, Tyler Yockey, Jonathan Hee

This pack contained:
#24 Reece Havens Brooklyn Cyclones
#55 Bryan Price Lowell Spinners
#74 Josh Lindblom Great Lakes Loons
#89 Tyler Chatwood Angels
#104 Ryan Lavarnway Lowell Spinners
#149 Chicago's future pitching Bristow/Leverton/Matchulat
So there you have it. Two Spinners and 'a Loon'. I just wish I knew more about Minor League ball.

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