Thursday, 18 August 2011

1989 Topps baseball

This pack was included amongst some cards that I purchased from e-bay recently. I have a sneaking suspicion that you rarely find these wax packs unopened.
The 1989 Topps set was full of rookies, the one notable being Randy Johnson, but in a time where the market was flooded with cards most collectors have either: collected all the 1989 Topps they wish to own or have no interest in collecting all the 1989 Topps.
There are also some error cards which draw some attention but besides that it is not one of Topps stellar sets.
I need no more of the 33 Red Sox from this set, although still need the 5 Topps traded Red Sox.

T26 John Dopson,
T29 Nick Esasky,
T64 Randy Kutcher,
T86 Rob Murphy,
T105 Ed Romero

The pack:
#12 Dale Sveum Brewers
#124 Jim Traber Orioles
#256 Benny Santiago Padres
#310 Rafael Palmeiro Cubs
#315 Greg Swindell Indians
#388 NL Leaders RBI
#393 NL Leaders game winning RBI
#400 AL Leaders batting avg
#412 Barry Lyons Mets
#414 Jim Fregosi White Sox
#428 Craig Reynolds Astros
#588 Luis Alicea Cardinals
#606 Rick Dempsey Dodgers
#704 Carlos Quintana Red Sox
#760 Lee Smith Red Sox
Would you believe it, two Red Sox!

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