Thursday 11 October 2012

2003 Upper Deck Play Ball

2003 Upper Deck Play Ball Baseball Hobby Box
When this set was released in 2003, I remember thinking what a lovely looking set and I would love to collect the whole set thing. I pick-up a few cards here and there, but never fully committed to finishing it off.
The original Play Ball set produced by Gum Inc. in 1939, when no other gum companies were releasing baseball sets, was a simply designed -white bordered, black and white photograph with no writing on the front. The back featured a detailed biography of the player shown.
It wasn't until 1941, which the 2003 set is based on, did Play Ball add colour. This was the final set produced by Gum Inc, who after the Second World War, returned as the newly named Bowman Gum Company.
The artwork on the 1941 Play Ball cards is incredibly stylish, featuring solid backgrounds and shadows with a comic type picture of each player. The back again had a detailed biography of the player.
The 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball set is in the similar stylish 1930's-1940's design.
The 2003 cards are the modern standard 2 ½ by 3 ½ inches, which are bigger than their 1941 counterparts which are 2 ½ by 3 inches.
 I will attempt to collect all 73 of the base set cards (and any short prints/reprints to come my way).
I need 0 cards to complete the 73 base card set.
Short Prints
74 Ted Williams Summer of '41
75 Hank Greenberg Summer of '41
76 Joe DiMaggio Summer of '41
77 Lefty Gomez Summer of '41
78 Tommy Henrich Summer of '41
79 Pee Wee Reese Summer of '41
80 Mel Ott Summer of '41
81 Carl Hubbell Summer of '41
82 Jimmie Foxx Summer of '41
83 Joe Cronin Summer of '41
84 Charlie Gehringer Summer of '41
85 Frank Hayes Summer of '41
86 Babe Dahlgren Summer of '41
87 Dolph Camilli Summer of '41
88 Johnny Vander Meer Summer of '41

1941 Play Ball Reprints
R-1 Ted Williams
R-2 Hank Greenberg
R-3 Joe DiMaggio
R-4 Lefty Gomez
R-5 Tommy Henrich
R-6 Pee Wee Reese
R-7 Mel Ott
R-8 Carl Hubbell
R-9 Jimmie Foxx
R-10 Joe Cronin
R-11 Charlie Gehringer
R-12 Frank Hayes
R-13 Babe Dahlgren
R-14 Dolph Camilli
R-15 Johnny Vander Meer
R-16 Bucky Walters
R-17 Red Ruffing
R-18 Charlie Keller
R-19 Indian Bob Johnson
R-20 Dutch Leonard
R-21 Barney McCosky
R-22 Soupy Campbell
R-23 Stormy Weatherly
R-24 Bobby Doerr
R-25 Bill Dickey

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