Sunday, 21 June 2015

2015 Topps Heritage hanger pack

There is an expression that goes- 'Does exactly what it says on the tin.' Which means there shouldn't be any surprises. 
Heritage is that sort of product. There are some inserts, autographs and relics but Heritage is not chock full of surprises, it's all about the base cards. 
They have the look and feel of vintage cards. It is not for everyone, especially the 'hit hunters'. Although there is enough other 'stuff', minis, gum stains, punch cards, variations and intentional mistakes to keep the product interesting. Don't expect them in every pack, some of those inserts are very difficult to pull. 
Heritage hasn't changed much over the years as it makes it nostalgic way through the decade. This year we are still in the sixties, which means cards in the News Flashbacks set include Star Trek, Batman and Jimi Hendrix. What a combination! 
I have collected all the Red Sox base cards but I still need the following short prints and inserts;
Short prints
#427 Xander Bogaerts 
#480 David Ortiz 
#499 Dustin Pedroia 
1966 Bazooka
#66B-DO David Ortiz 
News Flashbacks 
#NF-1 Batman 
#NF-2 Lunar Orbiter 1 
#NF-3 Star Trek 
#NF-4 Metropolitan Opera House 
#NF-5 Jimi Hendrix Experience 
#NF-6 Ronald Reagan 
#NF-7 NFL/AFL Merger 
#NF-8 Indira Gandhi 
#NF-9 Marvin Miller 
#NF-10 Sheila Scott 

There are 20 cards in the rack/value pack, which contains exclusive Sandy Koufax cards. 
The Value Pack:
#12 Jean Segura Brewers
#52 Power Plus! Trout Angles/Cabrera Tigers
#87 Torii Hunter Twins
#90 Jonathan Schoop Orioles
#92 Yankees
#118 Jonathan Papelbon Phillies
#122 John Danks White Sox
#281 Mike Napoli Red Sox
#296 Joe Girardi Yankees
#340 Garrett Richards Angels
#355 David Robertson White Sox
#361 Zack Wheeler Mets
#372 Juan Lagares Mets
#383 Mike Moustakas Royals
#387 Shelby Miller Braves
#406 Tom Koehler Marlins
#416 Glen Perkins Twins
#424 Royals Rookies
#SK-15 Sandy Koufax Dodgers
#NAP2 Jose Abreu White Sox

There are meant to be Get Smart, Lost in Space and Batman buybacks but at odds of 1 in 22,000 packs (1 in 100,000 for Lost in Space) I don't like my chances of pulling one of these. A shame really since they are all readily available on ebay and COMC.

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