Saturday 17 October 2015

2009 Goudey Memorabilia

In keeping with my Pursuit of 2009 Goudey Graphs, I will attempt to complete the 2009 Goudey Memorabilia at the same time.
According to baseballcardpedia there are 84 memorabilia cards to collect,

I have 44 and need 40

GM-AB A.J. Burnett Toronto Blue Jays
GM-AE Andre Ethier Los Angeles Dodgers
GM-AH Aaron Harang Cincinnati Reds
GM-AJ Adam Jones Baltimore Orioles
GM-AR Aramis Ramirez Chicago Cubs
GM-BC Bobby Crosby Oakland Athletics
GM-BE Carlos Beltran New York Mets
GM-BG Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals
GM-BH Bill Hall Milwaukee Brewers
GM-BM Brian McCann Atlanta Braves
GM-BP Brandon Phillips Cincinnati Reds
GM-BR Brian Roberts Baltimore Orioles
GM-BS Ben Sheets Milwaukee Brewers
GM-BW Billy Williams Chicago Cubs
GM-CA Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers
GM-CB Clay Buchholz Boston Red Sox
GM-CG Carlos Guillen Detroit Tigers
GM-CH Cole Hamels Philadelphia Phillies
GM-CL Carlos Lee Houston Astros
GM-CR Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles
GM-CS Curt Schilling Boston Red Sox
GM-CU Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies
GM-CY Chris Young San Diego Padres
GM-DA Johnny Damon New York Yankees
GM-DJ Derek Jeter New York Yankees
GM-DL Derrek Lee Chicago Cubs
GM-DM Daisuke Matsuzaka Boston Red Sox
GM-DO David Ortiz Boston Red Sox
GM-DS Denard Span Minnesota Twins
GM-DY Delmon Young Minnesota Twins
GM-FH Felix Hernandez Seattle Mariners
GM-FL Francisco Liriano Minnesota Twins
GM-GA Garret Anderson Los Angeles Angels
GM-HK Howie Kendrick Los Angeles Angels
GM-HR Hanley Ramirez Florida Marlins
GM-HU Tim Hudson Atlanta Braves
GM-JA Reggie Jackson Oakland Athletics
GM-JD Jermaine Dye Chicago White Sox
GM-JE Jacoby Ellsbury Boston Red Sox
GM-JF Jeff Francoeur Atlanta Braves
GM-JG Jason Giambi New York Yankees
GM-JH J.J. Hardy Milwaukee Brewers
GM-JJ Josh Johnson Florida Marlins
GM-JM John Maine New York Mets
GM-JN Joe Nathan Minnesota Twins
GM-JO Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds
GM-JS Joakim Soria Kansas City Royals
GM-JT Jim Thome Chicago White Sox
GM-JV Jason Varitek Boston Red Sox
GM-JW Jered Weaver Los Angeles Angels
GM-KF Kosuke Fukudome Chicago Cubs
GM-KJ Kelly Johnson Atlanta Braves
GM-KS Kevin Slowey Minnesota Twins
GM-KW Kerry Wood Chicago Cubs
GM-KY Kevin Youkilis Boston Red Sox
GM-LB Lou Brock St. Louis Cardinals
GM-LE Cliff Lee Cleveland Indians
GM-MA Joe Mauer Minnesota Twins
GM-ME Melvin Mora Baltimore Orioles
GM-MK Matt Kemp Los Angeles Dodgers
GM-MS Mike Schmidt Philadelphia Phillies
GM-MY Michael Young Texas Rangers
GM-NM Nick Markakis Baltimore Orioles
GM-NR Nolan Ryan Texas Rangers
GM-NS Nick Swisher New York Yankees
GM-OS Ozzie Smith St. Louis Cardinals
GM-PA Jonathan Papelbon Boston Red Sox
GM-PE Brad Penny Los Angeles Dodgers
GM-PF Prince Fielder Milwaukee Brewers
GM-PH Phil Hughes New York Yankees
GM-PN Phil Niekro Atlanta Braves
GM-RF Rafael Furcal Los Angeles Dodgers
GM-RJ Reggie Jackson New York Yankees
GM-RO Roy Oswalt Houston Astros
GM-RS Ryne Sandberg Chicago Cubs
GM-RY Robin Yount Milwaukee Brewers
GM-SH Gary Sheffield Detroit Tigers
GM-TG Troy Glaus St. Louis Cardinals
GM-TH Trevor Hoffman San Diego Padres
GM-TS Takashi Saito Los Angeles Dodgers
GM-TT Troy Tulowitzki Colorado Rockies
GM-VM Victor Martinez Cleveland Indians
GM-WI Josh Willingham Washington Nationals
GM-YG Yovani Gallardo Milwaukee Brewers

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