Sunday, 14 February 2010

2009 Bowman baseball

The final pack from Mark, then it is onto the book he included ' The Teammates' by David Halberstam.
There are only one card I need to complete the Red Sox set, which is;

188 Kevin Youkilis

The Pack:
#47 Mike Jacobs Royals
#58 James Shields Bay Rays
#143 Lance Berkman Astros
#159 Shane Victorion Phillies
#190 Kosuke Fukudome Cubs
#BP59 Parker Frazier Rockies
#BP59 Parker Frazier Rockies gold border
#BP89 Bryan Petersen Marlins
#BCP9 Kevin De La Cruz Indians
#BCP116 Javier Rodriguez Mets auto

So there you have it. No Red Sox but an auto from an autograph collector. I wonder how often the gold border and base card are included in the same pack!

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