Monday 10 December 2012

2011 Topps Lineage Stand-ups insert

This 25 die-cut insert set is modelled on the 1964 Stand-ups inserted in 1964 Topps. Designed to be folded in half (heaven forbid) to display the player.
They were inserted into 2011 Topps Lineage at a ratio of 1 in 12 packs. Unlike some of the other inserts within Lineage there are no variations.
I have 25 of the 25 cards so far.

The 25 card set includes:

TS1 Jose Bautista
TS2 Ryan Zimmerman
TS3 Albert Pujols
TS4 Felix Hernandez
TS5 Tim Lincecum
TS6 Ryan Howard
TS7 Mariano Rivera
TS8 Jason Heyward
TS9 Ryan Braun
TS10 Hunter Pence
TS11 Miguel Cabrera
TS12 Adam Dunn
TS13 Kevin Youkilis
TS14 Joey Votto
TS15 Carlos Gonzalez
TS16 Mike Stanton
TS17 Matt Kemp
TS18 Joe Mauer
TS19 Alex Rodriguez
TS20 Roy Halladay
TS21 Brooks Robinson
TS22 Hank Aaron
TS23 Mickey Mantle
TS24 Juan Marichal
TS25 Sandy Koufax

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