Friday 26 December 2014

2007 Topps Flashback Fridays

The DeLong Gum Company was a Boston-based firm that issued a 24-card baseball set in 1933. Unfortunately it was the only set the company ever issued. Competing with the first Goudey release the same year, the cards designated as R333, were competing against the larger 240 card Goudey set. The Delong's, considered the more attractive cards, are now rarer and possibly more sought after than Goudey's efforts.
The backs of the cards include detailed playing tips written by Austen Lake, who was a Boston sportswriter. The backs are also numbered and include a message from DeLong Gum.

Flashback Fridays was a promotion involving Topps's Home Team Advantage stores. The first five cards were distributed in special packs (The same five cards are in every pack), with the remaining 20 cards given away, a different card every week. In order to get the card of the week, collectors had to buy a pack of Topps cards.

The 25-card set featured the design of the 1933 DeLong Gum set.
FF1 Ryan Howard
FF2 Derek Jeter
FF3 Ken Griffey, Jr.
FF4 Miguel Tejada
FF5 David Wright
FF6 Alfonso Soriano
FF7 Matt Holliday
FF8 Jason Bay
FF9 Ryan Zimmerman
FF10 Alex Rodriguez
FF11 Jermaine Dye
FF12 Miguel Cabrera
FF13 Johan Santana
FF14 Brandon Webb
FF15 Ivan Rodriguez
FF16 Ichiro Suzuki
FF17 Michael Young
FF18 David Ortiz
FF19 Roger Clemens
FF20 Frank Thomas
FF21 Trevor Hoffman
FF22 Gary Matthews
FF23 Rafael Furcal
FF24 Chipper Jones
FF25 Albert Pujols

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  1. I have the one Redsox player in the original set. Beautiful cards.