Monday 26 January 2009

2008 Topps Series One

Everyone by now must have the Topps set of their chosen club. If you are, however a set builder, more power to you. I considered it myself, with only 330 base cards it is achievable. Then they released Series Two and then Update and Highlights, so a team set became the preferable option.
There are 330 base cards in Series One,
There are Parallels: Gold Foil, Gold (#'d to 2008), Black (#'d to 57), Platinum (1-of-1), Printing Plates (1-of-1),
There are inserts: 25 Own the Game, 60 Year in Review, Mickey Mantle Home Run, Mickey Mantle Story, 55 Anniversary All Rookie Team, 25 Trading card History, 8 Campaign 2008 and the usual variety of autos, relics, cut signatures, etc, etc.
These are the packs from the generous bundle from James at bdj610 Topps Blog. They contain 10 cards per packs, they are Target exclusive packs.

Pack 1:
#16 Kevin Greg Marlins
#25 Kaz Matsui Rockies
#78 Radhames Liz Orioles
#168 Phil Hughes Yankees
#172 Chris Day Orioles
#286 Jeff Clement Mariners
#315 David Weathers Reds
#325 Jim Leyland Tigers
#AR1 Mark Teixeira Rangers
#TCP1 Albert Pujols Cardinals
#YR12 Justin Morneau Twins
Pack 2:
#9 Randy Wolf Dodgers
#129 Kevin Hart Cubs
#125 Brad Penny Dodgers
#150 Alfonso Soriano Cubs
#262 Brett Myers Phillies
#263 Nook Logan Nationals
#299 Cesar Izturis Pirates
#302 Horacio Ramirez Mariners
#330 Curtis Granderson Tigers
Checklist 3/3
#CO8-RP Ron Paul GOP
Pack 3:
#15 AL League Leaders
#52 Trevor Hoffman Padres
#53 Hank Blalock Rangers
#56 Seth Smith Rockies
#109 Joe Nathan Twins
#118 Marco Scutaro Athletics
#122 Jason Varitek Red Sox
#183 Paul Byrd Indians
#233 Jimmy Rollins Philles
#234 Red Sox (Giuliani)

Only two Red Sox, but what a card one of them turned out to be. I have seen this on a few blogs before with negative and neutral views. No one was positive about this sort of 'photoshopping'. It was nice to pull it from a pack though and now have it in my collection.


  1. Oh my God!!! You mean I actually had one of those in my packs???



    JayBee Anama

  2. I've never seen one of those with the red border, at least not in a Topps pack. Is that a serial numbered parallel of some sort?

  3. Nice, my Beckett says that card is worth $30-$60. The regular white-bordered one is valued at $3-$8.