Friday 26 December 2014

2007 Topps Flashback Fridays

The DeLong Gum Company was a Boston-based firm that issued a 24-card baseball set in 1933. Unfortunately it was the only set the company ever issued. Competing with the first Goudey release the same year, the cards designated as R333, were competing against the larger 240 card Goudey set. The Delong's, considered the more attractive cards, are now rarer and possibly more sought after than Goudey's efforts.
The backs of the cards include detailed playing tips written by Austen Lake, who was a Boston sportswriter. The backs are also numbered and include a message from DeLong Gum.

Flashback Fridays was a promotion involving Topps's Home Team Advantage stores. The first five cards were distributed in special packs (The same five cards are in every pack), with the remaining 20 cards given away, a different card every week. In order to get the card of the week, collectors had to buy a pack of Topps cards.

The 25-card set featured the design of the 1933 DeLong Gum set.
FF1 Ryan Howard
FF2 Derek Jeter
FF3 Ken Griffey, Jr.
FF4 Miguel Tejada
FF5 David Wright
FF6 Alfonso Soriano
FF7 Matt Holliday
FF8 Jason Bay
FF9 Ryan Zimmerman
FF10 Alex Rodriguez
FF11 Jermaine Dye
FF12 Miguel Cabrera
FF13 Johan Santana
FF14 Brandon Webb
FF15 Ivan Rodriguez
FF16 Ichiro Suzuki
FF17 Michael Young
FF18 David Ortiz
FF19 Roger Clemens
FF20 Frank Thomas
FF21 Trevor Hoffman
FF22 Gary Matthews
FF23 Rafael Furcal
FF24 Chipper Jones
FF25 Albert Pujols

Thursday 25 December 2014

2003 Topps Red and Blue Backs insert

When Topps produced its first baseball cards back in 1951 they decided to go with two different sets called Red Backs and Blue Backs, although their official designation is 'A' series and 'B' series respectively.  Their objective was to use baseball cards to increase sales of their candy products. The cards were packaged as two connected cards along with a piece of caramel in a penny pack. Unfortunately the candy would 'melt ' and ruin the cards.

The cards were designed like playing cards, with rounded corners and either a blue or red back. The front showed a players picture and an 'action' (ball, strike, double). Long before Topps Attax the intention was to use the playing cards as a baseball card game. The game didn't catch on with card collectors, which led to a different (and more popular ) approach in 1952.

There are 52 cards in the Blue and Red sets, totalling 104 cards.

In 2003 Topps chose to produce an insert set that copied the 1951 design. Inserted in a ratio of about 1 to 12 in hobby packs and 1 to 8 in retail, the Red and Blue back insert is larger than its original counterpart and slightly more affordable.
Blue backs were inserted in Series 1 packs and Red backs in Series 2 packs. The cards are unnumbered although for checklist purposes I have used the designation used at The Cardboard Connection.

Blue Backs set Checklist

1 Albert Pujols
2 Ichiro Suzuki
3 Sammy Sosa
4 Kazuhisa Ishii
5 Alex Rodriguez
6 Derek Jeter
7 Vladimir Guerrero
8 Ken Griffey Jr.
9 Jason Giambi
10 Todd Helton
11 Mike Piazza
12 Nomar Garciaparra
13 Chipper Jones
14 Ivan Rodriguez
15 Luis Gonzalez
16 Pat Burrell
17 Mark Prior
18 Adam Dunn
19 Jeff Bagwell
20 Austin Kearns
21 Alfonso Soriano
22 Jim Thome
23 Bernie Williams
24 Pedro Martinez
25 Lance Berkman
26 Randy Johnson
27 Rafael Palmeiro
28 Richie Sexson
29 Troy Glaus
30 Shawn Green
31 Larry Walker
32 Eric Hinske
33 Andruw Jones
34 Barry Bonds
35 Curt Schilling
36 Greg Maddux
37 Jimmy Rollins
38 Eric Chavez
39 Scott Rolen
40 Mike Sweeney

Red Backs Set Checklist

1 Nomar Garciaparra
2 Ichiro Suzuki
3 Alex Rodriguez
4 Sammy Sosa
5 Barry Bonds
6 Vladimir Guerrero
7 Derek Jeter
8 Miguel Tejada
9 Alfonso Soriano
10 Manny Ramirez
11 Adam Dunn
12 Jason Giambi
13 Mike Piazza
14 Scott Rolen
15 Shawn Green
16 Randy Johnson
17 Todd Helton
18 Garret Anderson
19 Curt Schilling
20 Albert Pujols
21 Chipper Jones
22 Luis Gonzalez
23 Mark Prior
24 Jim Thome
25 Ivan Rodriguez
26 Torii Hunter
27 Lance Berkman
28 Troy Glaus
29 Andruw Jones
30 Barry Zito
31 Jeff Bagwell
32 Magglio Ordonez
33 Pat Burrell
34 Mike Sweeney
35 Rafael Palmeiro
36 Larry Walker
37 Carlos Delgado
38 Brian Giles
39 Pedro Martinez
40 Greg Maddux

Sunday 21 December 2014

2013 Panini Cooperstown insert Colgan's Chips

In 1909 the Colgan's Gum Company in Louisville, Kentucky began producing round discs to fit within the Colgan's tins that held ten pieces of gum and "a ball player in every container".

There are three distinct Colgan's Chip sets with an ACC designation of E254 and E270. The first set E254 or ‘Stars of the Diamond’ were produced from 1909 to 1911. The chips were continuously updated during the two year period as at least several print runs were done to correct style and orientation, as well as show team changes.

As a result there are multiple levels of rarity within the set with some discs being very common and others being extremely rare. The E270 or ‘Red Borders’ and ‘Tin Tops’were produced in 1912 and 13.

The original Colgan’ s Chip set contains several hundred subjects including Honus Wagner, Shoeless Joe Jackson, and Ty Cobb.

In 2013 Panini inserted, within the Cooperstown Collection, round discs that replicated the original Colgan’s Chip discs. The 2013 issue has 165 discs featuring players from the nineteenth century, such as Christy Mathewson, Tris Speaker and Nap Lajoie, to the 1990s, with the likes of Dennis Eckersley and Paul Molitor. 

To show the difference between the two, Panini's modern edition are 3/4' larger than the 1 1/2 inch 1909 originals. However, both the front and back of Panini’s modern variation is almost exactly similar in design to the original.

With 1 unnumbered Colgan's Chip disc inserted into each pack of the 2013 Cooperstown Collection, to complete the set will be a long but not insurmountable task.

I have 50 and need 115 left to complete the set.

The complete list of the 2013 Colgan’s Chip discs:

1 Ty Cobb
2 Honus Wagner
3 Walter Johnson
4 Christy Mathewson
5 Tris Speaker

6 Nap Lajoie
7 George Wright
8 Cy Young
9 George Sisler
10 Lou Gehrig
11 Charles Radbourn
12 Cap Anson
13 Rogers Hornsby
14 Kenesaw Landis
15 Dan Brouthers
16 Roger Bresnahan
17 King Kelly
18 Jesse Burkett
19 Frank Chance
20 Joe Tinker
21 Johnny Evers
22 Eddie Plank
23 Ed Walsh
24 Mickey Cochrane
25 Frankie Frisch
26 Carl Hubbell
27 Lefty Grove
28 Pie Traynor
29 Charlie Gehringer
30 Mel Ott
31 Paul Waner
32 Al Simmons
33 Dizzy Dean
34 Bill Dickey
35 Rabbit Maranville
36 Bill Terry
37 Home Run Baker
38 Dazzy Vance
39 Joe Cronin
40 Sam Crawford
41 Zack Wheat
42 Bob Feller
43 Edd Roush
44 Jackie Robinson
45 Sam Rice
46 Miller Huggins
47 Luke Appling
48 Burleigh Grimes
49 Heinie Manush
50 Casey Stengel
51 Lloyd Waner
52 Joe Medwick
53 Goose Goslin
54 Roy Campanella
55 Stan Coveleski
56 Stan Musial
57 Waite Hoyt
58 Lou Boudreau
59 Rube Marquard

60 Satchel Paige
61 Harry Hooper
62 Lefty Gomez
63 Yogi Berra
64 Buck Leonard
65 Early Wynn
66 Josh Gibson
67 Monte Irvin
68 Warren Spahn
69 Jim Bottomley
70 Whitey Ford
71 Ralph Kiner
72 Robin Roberts
73 Fred Lindstrom
74 Bob Lemon
75 Ernie Banks

76 Al Lopez
77 Addie Joss
78 Eddie Mathews
79 Hack Wilson
80 Duke Snider
81 Al Kaline
82 Bob Gibson
83 Frank Robinson
84 Brooks Robinson
85 George Kell
86 Juan Marichal
87 Rick Ferrell
88 Pee Wee Reese
89 Harmon Killebrew
90 Luis Aparicio
91 Lou Brock
92 Arky Vaughan
93 Hoyt Wilhelm
94 Bobby Doerr
95 Willie McCovey
96 Catfish Hunter
97 Willie Stargell
98 Billy Williams

99 Johnny Bench
100 Red Schoendienst
101 Carl Yastrzemski
102 Jim Palmer
103 Joe Morgan
104 Rod Carew
105 Fergie Jenkins
106 Gaylord Perry
107 Tom Seaver
108 Rollie Fingers
109 Reggie Jackson
110 Hal Newhouser
111 Phil Rizzuto
112 Steve Carlton
113 Richie Ashburn
114 Mike Schmidt
115 Jim Bunning
116 Earl Weaver
117 Nellie Fox
118 Phil Niekro
119 Tommy Lasorda
120 Yogi Berra
121 Don Sutton
122 George Brett
123 Nolan Ryan
124 Robin Yount
125 Orlando Cepeda
126 Sparky Anderson
127 Carlton Fisk
128 Tony Perez
129 Bill Mazeroski
130 Kirby Puckett
131 Ozzie Smith
132 Dave Winfield
133 Gary Carter
134 Eddie Murray
135 Dennis Eckersley
136 Paul Molitor
137 Ryne Sandberg
138 Wade Boggs
139 Bruce Sutter
140 Tony Gwynn
141 Cal Ripken Jr.
142 Goose Gossage
143 Dick Williams
144 Rickey Henderson
145 Jim Rice
146 Andre Dawson
147 Roberto Alomar
148 Bert Blyleven
149 Barry Larkin

150 Ron Santo
151 Bowie Kuhn
152 Walter O'Malley
153 Doug Harvey
154 Connie Mack
155 John McGraw
156 Charles Comiskey
157 Buck Ewing
158 Effa Manley
159 Whitey Herzog
160 Nolan Ryan
161 Catfish Hunter
162 Gary Carter
163 Reggie Jackson
164 Joe Morgan
165 Tom Seaver

Tuesday 2 December 2014

2012 Topps Heritage

Have you ever obtained a large pile of cards from the same set, just not enough to be a whole set but close enough to taunt you in to submission. Try to complete me, go on I dare you.

Well this was my own recent experience with 2012 Topps Heritage. I looked forward to 2013 Heritage, the design reproduction of the 1964 Topps set, but ended up purchasing a sizable chunk of the 2012 Heritage in the process, not enough to actually be the whole set although enough to consider completing the whole thing. Caught between a rock and a hard place I must choose.

There are 425 cards in the base set and 75 short printed cards numbered 426 to 500,
Fortunately for some collectors there is quite a few 'error' cards, colour swap and red/blue bordered variations. A little annoying if you are after the 'whole set', but team collectors and 'insert' collectors, will enjoy the variety that is offered by Topps Heritage.
I will attempt to complete the 425 base set, gathering as many short prints and inserts as possible along the way.

I have 247 and need 178 to complete the set.
I need these numbers.

1 2 3 5 6 9 12 13 18 19 20 23 25 30 32 33 37 40 43 44 46 53 57 59 66 67 68 70 73 75 76 77 80 81 82 85 87 90 94 97 100 101 108 109 110 111 112 116 124 125 126 127 128 130 133 135 138 139 141 147 148 149 150 152 154 159 161 165 168 170 173 174 175 176 177 180 182 185 187 188 189 191 192 193 194 198 199 200 203 205 207 208 210 211 212 215 219 221 222 223 225 228 232 235 238 240 242 244 249 251 252 255 258 260 261 262 267 268 279 283 286 289 290 292 296 297 298 300 305 306 310 311 312 318 320 322 323 326 327 331 332 337 341 344 347 349 355 359 363 366 368 369 370 376 377 378 380 381 383 387 391 392 393 395 397 401 402 403 404 406 409 410 411 413 414 422 423 424

Short Print
426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 437 438 439 440 441 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473 474 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486 488 489 490 491 492 493 495 496 497 498 499

New Age Performers Odds: 1:15 Packs 
NAP-AP Albert Pujols
NAP-CJ Chipper Jones
NAP-CL Cliff Lee
NAP-DJ Derek Jeter
NAP-JW Jered Weaver
NAP-JV Joey Votto
NAP-JB Jose Bautista
NAP-JB Josh Beckett
NAP-MK Matt Kemp
NAP-MC Miguel Cabrera
NAP-RC Robinson Cano
NAP-RH Roy Halladay
NAP-RB Ryan Braun 
NAP-TL Tim Lincecum
NAP-VM Victor Martinez

News Flashbacks Odds: 1:12 Packs 
NF-A Alcatraz
NF-JK John F. Kennedy
NF-JK John F. Kennedy
NF-MK Martin Luther King, Jr.
NF-MK Martin Luther King, Jr.
NF-PS Penn Station
NF-PP Pope Paul VI 
NF-UA University of Alabama
NF-VT Valentina Tereshkova

Baseball Flashbacks Odds: 1:12 Packs 
BF-AK Al Kaline
BF-EW Early Wynn
BF-EB Ernie Banks
BF-HA Hank Aaron
BF-JM Juan Marichal
BF-SK Sandy Koufax
BF-SKO Sandy Koufax
BF-SM Stan Musial
BF-WM Willie Mays 
BF-WMC Willie McCovey

Stick-Ons Odds: 1:8 Packs
1 Miguel Cabrera
2 Nelson Cruz
3 Jose Bautista
4 David Wright
5 Jose Reyes
6 Carlos Gonzalez
7 Josh Hamilton
8 Pablo Sandoval
9 Jacoby Ellsbury
10 Madison Bumgarner
11 David Price
12 Starlin Castro
13 Robinson Cano
14 Chris Carpenter
15 Matt Kemp
16 Andrew McCutchen
17 Ryan Zimmerman
18 Tim Lincecum
19 Ian Kinsler
20 Albert Pujols
21 Ryan Braun
22 Evan Longoria
23 Mark Teixeira
24 Ian Kennedy
25 David Ortiz
26 Justin Upton
27 Ryan Howard
28 Mike Stanton
29 Mariano Rivera
30 Roy Halladay
31 Curtis Granderson
32 Felix Hernandez
33 Troy Tulowitzki
34 Adrian Beltre
35 Joe Mauer
36 Chase Utley
37 Jimmy Rollins 
38 Cliff Lee
39 Hunter Pence
40 Dustin Pedroia
41 Victor Martinez
42 Justin Verlander
43 James Shields
44 Buster Posey
45 Matt Moore
46 Jesus Montero

Then & Now Odds: 1:15 Packs 

TN-KB Harmon Killebrew - Jose Bautista
TN-MB Eddie Mathews - Jose Bautista
TN-HA Hank Aaron - Matt Kemp
TN-CY Carl Yastrzemski - Miguel Cabrera
TN-SK Sandy Koufax - Clayton Kershaw
TN-SK Sandy Koufax - Justin Verlander
TN-JM Juan Marichal - Justin Verlander
TN-JM Juan Marichal - James Shields
TN-AB Luis Aparicio - Michael Bourn
TN-SL Warren Spahn - Cliff Lee

Thursday 15 May 2014

2014 Topps Series One

Picked up a few more packs of 2014 Topps recently in the search for Red Sox.
Still need the following base cards:
#11 Mike Carp
#22 Mike Napoli WS
#48 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
#53 Clay Buchholz
#131 Junichi Tazawa
#133 Xander Bogaerts RC 
#136 Will Middlebrooks FS 
#146 Jonny Gomes WS 
#166A Dustin Pedroia
#166B Dustin Pedroia SP/In dugout
#194 Joel Hanrahan 
#206 Jon Lester WS
#258 Jon Lester
#259 David Ortiz WS
#274 Jonny Gomes 
#289 Matt Thornton 
#301 Shane Victorino
#307 Jake Peavy 
#475A David Ortiz SP/Goggles on face
#475B David Ortiz SP/Goggles on head

There are 10 cards in a pack and I have 5 packs.
Pack 1:
#3 Jarrod Dyson Royals
#67 Yasmani Grandal Padres
#183 Darwin Barney Cubs
#184 Yunel Escobar Bay Rays
#220 Ryan Doumit Twins
#260 Zoilo Almonte Yankees
#274 Jonny Gomes Red Sox
#302 Carlos Gomez Brewers
#FN-27 Yu Darvish Rangers
#TM-5 Tim Raines Expos

Pack 2:
#132 checklist
#186 Clayton Richard Padres
#197 Onelki Garcia Dodgers
#205 Seth Smith Athletics
#214 James Shields Royals
#327 Pablo Sandoval Giants
#271 Justin Ruggiano Marlins
#305 Steve Cishek Marlins
#FN-30 Bryce Harper Nationals
#TM-28 Mike Trout Angels

Pack 3:
#106 Shin-Soo Choo Reds
#146 Jonny Gomes Red Sox WS
#190 Kevin Gausman Orioles
#210 Jose Altuve Astros
#228 Jayson Werth Nationals
#257 C.J.Wilson Angels
#289 Matt Thornton Red Sox
#313 Brad Peacock Astros
 #RCT-5 Derek Jeter Yankees
#TM-38 Johnny Bench Reds

Pack 4:
#8 Coco Crisp Athletics
#44 Matt Carpenter Cardinals clear 9/10
#102 Matt Lindstrom White Sox
#179 Gerrit Cole Pirates
#209 Carlos Quentin Padres
#245 Ross Detwiler Nationals
#251 Sergio Romo Giants
#282 Rex Brothers Rockies
#296 Domonic Brown Phillies
#UC-29 Felix Hernandez Mariners

Pack 5:
#34 Buddy Boshers Angels
#58 Dan Straily Athletics gold 1123/2014
#79 Garrett Jones Pirates
#133 Xander Bogaerts Red Sox RC
#136 Will Middlebrooks Red Sox
#122 Jonathan Papelbon Phillies
#155 Daniel Murphy Mets
#199 Matt Davidson D-backs
#265 Yordano Ventura Royals
#316 Mike Minor Braves 

Well, two packs containing two Red Sox. Oddly the final pack didn't contain an insert card, but I'm not complaining. A very nice 'plastic' parallel and I think I have found a new favourite player, 
Buddy Boshers !
What a name, pity he isn't a Red Sox player as he would have his own pursuit going today.

Wednesday 14 May 2014

2013 Topps Series 2 jumbo packs

Just before I open another of these jumbo packs, let's take a moment to take a view at the available Red Sox from this series, the checklist is extensive;
Base cards:
#348 Jonny Gomes
#382 Jackie Bradley Jr. RC
#399 Shane Victorino
#401 Ryan Dempster
#432 Jose Iglesias
#503 Clay Buchholz
#508 Felix Doubront
#541 Jon Lester
#548 John Lackey
#555 Joel Hanrahan
#595 David Ortiz
#618 Koji Uehara
#644 Ryan Lavarnway
#659 Mike Napoli

1972 Topps Minis
#TM11 Dustin Pedroia
#TM46 Jim Rice
#TM50 Ted Williams
#TM77 Fred Lynn
#TM89 Will Middlebrooks
#TM94 David Ortiz
Calling Cards 
#CC4 David Ortiz
#CH33 Ted Williams
#CH59 Fred Lynn
#CH75 Dustin Pedroia
#CH101 Jackie Bradley Jr.
#CH104 Nomar Garciaparra
#CH110 Ted Williams
#CH119 Pedro Martinez
#CH133 Dustin Pedroia y
#CH137 Wade Boggs
#CH138 David Ortiz
Chasing the Dream
#CD3 Will Middlebrooks
Cut To The Chase
#CTC9 Ted Williams
#CTC15 Dustin Pedroia
MVP Award Winners Trophy
#DP Dustin Pedroia
#TW Ted Williams
Making Their Mark
#MM16 Will Middlebrooks
#MM40 Jackie Bradley Jr.
The Elite
#TE18 Ted Williams
Topps The Greats 
#TG5 Ted Williams
#TG6 Jimmie Foxx
Rookie of the Year Award Winners
#CF Carlton Fisk
#DP Dustin Pedroia
#FL Fred Lynn

This Jumbo pack:
#340 Franklin Gutierrez Mariners
#341 Lonnie Chisenhall Indians
#356 Greg Dobbs Marlins
#370 A.J.Griffin Athletics
#371 Jeremy Affeldt Giants
#386 Brandon Phillips Reds blue border
#392 Tom Koehler Marlins
#399 Shane Victorino Red Sox
#409 Logan Morrison Marlins
#419 Matt Moore Bay Rays blue border
#428 Kyle McPherson Pirates
#429 David Price Bay Rays
#437 Dayan Viciedo White Sox
#451 Pedro Florimon Twins
#466 Jerome Williams Angles
#481 Justin Wilson Pirates
#498 Martin Prado D-backs
#539 Phil Coke Tigers
#576 Julio Teheran Braves
#577 Matt Harvey Mets
#585 Homer Bailey Reds
#609 Scott Baker Cubs
#611 Drew Storen Nationals
#626 Gio Gonzalez Nationals
#628 Martin Maldonado Brewers
#629 Trevor Plouffe Twins
#634 Drew Smyly Tigers
#645 Luis Cruz Dodgers
#CD -10 Jon Jay Cardinals
CH-60 Derke Jeter Yankees
#CH-92 Mike Schmidt Phillies
#CH-83 Willie Mays Giants
#MM-17Anthony Rizzo Cubs
#TM-65 Manny Machado Orioles
million dollar chase card

One solitary Red Sox.Hmmmm.

Sunday 11 May 2014

2014 Topps Series 1 baseball

Here is another quick few packs of 2014 of series 1 in search of Red Sox.
The Red Sox base checklist is:
#11 Mike Carp
#22 Mike Napoli WS
#48 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
#53 Clay Buchholz
#131 Junichi Tazawa
#133 Xander Bogaerts RC
#136 Will Middlebrooks FS
#146 Jonny Gomes WS
#166A Dustin Pedroia
#166B Dustin Pedroia SP/In dugout
#194 Joel Hanrahan
#206 Jon Lester WS
#258 Jon Lester
#259 David Ortiz WS
#274 Jonny Gomes
#289 Matt Thornton
#301 Shane Victorino
#307 Jake Peavy
#475A David Ortiz SP/Goggles on face
#475B David Ortiz SP/Goggles on head

Each pack conatins 10 cards.
Pack 1:
#6 Josh Beckett Dodgers
#14 Yoenis Cespedes Athletics
#15 Paul Goldschmidt D-backs
#17 Todd Helton Rockies
#32 Reymond Fuentes Padres
#99 Melky Cabrera Blue Jays
#116 Hiroki Kuroda Yankees
#156 Kendrys Morales Mariners
#174 Bobby Parnell Mets
#UC-49 Al Kaline Tigers

Pack 2:
#60 Jon Niese Mets
#74 John Mayberry Phillies
#83 Jonathan Schoop Orioles
#117 AL ERA leaders
#149 Miguel Cabrera Tigers checklist
#208 Dayan Viciedo White Sox
#261 Michael Brantley Indians
#324 Elvis Andrus Rangers
#328 James Loney Bay Rays
#RCT-6 Jim Rice Red Sox

Pack 3:
#18 Jurickson Profar Rangers
#49 Enny Romero Bay Rays
#75 Brandon Barnes Astros
#141 Chris Tillman Orioles
#194 Joel Hanrahan Red Sox
#221 Brian Dozier Twins red hot foil
#236 Joel Peralta Bay Rays
#256 Abraham Almonte Mariners
#297 Max Scherzer Tigers
#330 Evan Longoria Bay Rays

Pack 4:
#100 Bryce Harper Nationals
#114 Francisco Liriano Pirates
#128 Erasmo Ramirez Mariners
#169 Nick Franklin Mariners
#275 Nolan Arenado Rockies
#290 Chad Bettis Rockies
#303 Andres Torres Giants
#304 Juan Lagares Mets
#307 Jake Paevy Red Sox
#UC-48 Hank Aaron Braves

A nice smattering of Red Sox.

Friday 9 May 2014

2013 Topps Series 2 Jumbo packs

Opening anotehr 2013 Topps Jumbo pack in search of Red Sox.

The pack contains 36 cards, which will include 3 blue bordered cards and most definitely some inserts.

The Pack:
#333 Santiago Casilla Giants
#346 Aaron Hicks Twins
#347 Brett Anderson Athletics
#360 Khristopher Davis Brewers
##372 Jeff Locke Pirates
#374 Miguel Cabrera Tigers
#378 Joe Kelly Cardinals
#386 Brandon Phillips Reds
#395 Alexei Ramirez White Sox
#402 Tom Wilhelmsen Mariners
#412 Everth Cabrera Padres
#419 Matt More Bay Rays
#425 Josh Donaldson Athletics
#436 Elvis Andrus Rangers
#438 Yasmani Grandal Padres
#444 Jordan Walden Braves
#457 Nate Schierholtz Cubs blue border
#494 Alberto Callaspo Angels
#495 Joaquin Benoit Tigers
#511 Rob Brantly Marlins
#532 Todd Helton Rockies
#533 J.J.Hardy Orioles
#535 Philip Humber Astros
#550 Matt Joyce Bay Rays
#574 Corey Hart Brewers
#616 Grant Balfour Athletics blue border
#634 Drew Smyly Tigers
#645 Luis Cruz Dodgers blue border
#647 Adam Dunn White Sox
#CH-54 Anthony Rizzo Cubs
#CH-81 Cliff Lee Phillies
#CH-99 David Wright Mets
#CTC-1 Mike Trout Angels
#MM-24 Manny Machado Orioles
#WBC-15 Ryan Braun  USA
#TM-89 Will Middlebrooks Red Sox
Left it very late but thank fully there was a Red Sox in the pack.
At least a Brave this time too Big B and it was Yankee free pack.

Thursday 8 May 2014

2013 Topps Series 2 baseball Jumbo pack

With the imminent arrival of 2014 Topps Series 2, these packs(there are a few) may seem a tad delayed. However I am still after the majority of the Red Sox from the flagship Topps, series1 and update included. The inclusion of 3 blue bordered parallels signify that these jumbo packs, containing 36 cards, were purchased in Wal-Mart. A Walmart somewhere in New York state.
My boss, soon to be ex-boss, was on a break in New York last year and returned with 9 jumbo packs, with an apology saying 'this is all she could find!'
I wasn't disappointed. Her departure from my school may mean these generous gifting are a thing of the past.
Four of the jumbos remain unopened, but not for long. I thought about selling them on eBay but I just enjoy opening packs far too much.

The Topps Series 2 was a 330 card continuation of the series 1 set.
The base cards are available in a number of parallel versions; Emerald Foil, Blue (Wal-Mart), Purple (Toys R' Us), Red (Target), Emerald Blue, Gold, Desert Camo Foil, Black, Pink, Silver Slate, and Platinum.
There are also the short printed base variations.
The inserts include; 1972 minis, Silk collection, Chasing History, Cut to the Chase, Making their Mark, Chase it down, World Baseball Classic stars, the Elite and Elite Gold. Most of the inserts come in an autograph/relic version.

Jumbo pack 1:
#354 Casey Janssen Blue Jays
#366 Ervin Santana Royals
#367 Carlos Ruiz Phillies
#382 Jackie Bradley Jr Red Sox
#389 Phil Hughes Yankees
#397 Mike Aviles Indians
#427 Chris Nelson Rockies
#431 Blake Beavan Mariners
#433 Andrew Werner Athletics
#453 Troy Tulowitzki Rockies
#469 Adam Warren Yankees
#493 Johnny Giavotella Royals
#506 Andy Pettitte Yankees
#527 Carlos Beltran Cardinals
#536 Mike Trout Angels blue border
#536 Mike Trout Angels
#538 Brett Wallace Astros
#548 John Lackey Red Sox
#553 Josh Rutledge Rockies
#563 Nate Eovaldi Marlins
#572 Lorenzo Cain Royals
#583 Alejandro de Aza White Sox
#587 Matt Cain Giants
#600 Mariano Rivera Yankees
#617 Fernanado Rodney Bay Rays
#647 Adam Dunn White Sox blue border
#634 Drew Smyly Tigers blue border
#644 Ryan Lavarnway Red Sox

 #CD-8 Chase Headley Padres
#CH-52 Gary Sheffield Dodgers
#CH-74 Stan Musial Cardinals
#CH-75 Dustin Pedroia Red Sox
#CTC-34 Ernie Banks Cubs
#MM-25 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
#TM-71 Reggie Jackson Yankees 

Ignore the fact that I pulled more Yankees from this pack, this was still a great Red Sox jumbo!

Wednesday 7 May 2014

2013 Topps Update hanger box?

As I move closer to moving all the items back into my (almost) completed kitchen, some baseball product is surfacing. If you follow this blog, you will no doubt be aware of building work taking place at my house. This unfortunate experience has rendered me completely on a deserted island, without baseball cards. However, every building project has a silver lining- I placed various cards, boxes and packs in boxes, so while unpacking random products are appearing.
Today this surfaced, a box, actually I'm not sure what to call this. It isn't a jumbo pack, nor is it a box containing packs, just 72 cards from the update series. This particular box also contains 5 blue-bordered parallel cards, which could mean that the box was purchased in Wal-mart.
The Update series, like most of Topps recent product, is jammed full of inserts and parallel cards. 
The base set consists of 330 cards, which are available in a number of parallels, Red, Emerald Foil, Gold, Desert Camo Foil, Black, Pink, Sapphire Foil, and Platinum. There is also a Boston Strong Parallel Set.
The cynical amongst you will also be aware of the number of base variations in the set, including the mind boggling Prince Fielder variation featuring Prince George! Good Luck finding one of those. Cardboard Connection has a complete list of variations.
The inserts include; 1971 minis, Chasing History, Making their Mark, Postseason Heroes, Franchise Forerunners, and League Leader pins.

The pack/box:
#7 Yoenis Cespedes A's
#16 Alex Gordon Royals
#21 Junior Lake Cubs
#24 Ryan Raburn Indians
#32 Adeiny Hechavarria Marlins
#34 A.J.Pollock D-backs
#44 Jason Bay Mariners
#47 Matt Garza Rangers
#55 Pete Kozma Cardinals
#56 Kyuji Fujikawa Cubs
#59 Hishashi Iwakuma Mariners
#60 Chris Tillman Orioles
#68 Nick Franklin Mariners
#77 Kelvin Herrera Royals
#85 Pedro Strop Cubs
#98 Salvador Perez Royals
#101 Jonathan Villar Astros
#104 Matt Carpenter Cardinals
#106 Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
#113 Samueal Deduno Twins
#114 Dustin Pedroia Red Sox
#119 Felix Hernandez Mariners
#123 Tom Gorzelanny Brewers
#131 Josh Phegley White Sox
#137 Yoervis Medina Mariners
#145 Michael Cuddyer Rockies
#151 Shawn Kelley Yankees
#154 Kyle Gibson Twins
#155 J.B.Shuck Angels
#157 Marco Scutaro Giants
#159 Donald Lutz Reds
#161 Jim Henderson Brewers
#172 Blake Parker Cubs
#175 Carlos Martinez Cardinals
#184 Dioner Navarro Cubs
#191 Ricky Nolasco Dodgers
#206 Reid Brignac Rockies
#208 Juan Uribe Dodgers
#209 Anthony Swarzak Twins
#213 Matt Adams Cardinals
#227 Carlos Gonzalez Rockies
#243 Marwin Conzalez Astros
#245 James Shields Royals
#255 Alex Wood Braves
#259 Nolan Arenado Rockies
#262 Jayson Nix Yankees
#266 Jed Lowrie A's
#273 Jeff Keppinger White Sox
#280 John Lannan Phillies
#281 Jonathan Pettibone Phillies
#288 Maicer Izturis Blue Jays
#295 Sean Burnett Angels
#297 Chris Narveson Brewers
#298 Luis Avilan Braves
#304 Patrick Corbin D-backs
#308 J.P.Howell Dodgers
#311 Craig Stammen Nationals
#313 Mariano Rivera Yankees
#316 David Wright Mets
#321 Grant Green Angels
#330 Yasiel Puig Dodgers

#53 Craig Kimbrel Braves emerald
#116 Mike Kickman Giants blue
#174 Jose Mijares Giants blue
#177 David Ortiz Red Sox checklist blue
#249 Madison Bumgarner Giants blue
#276 Torii Hunter Tigers blue
#328 Eric Sogard A's gold 0384/2013

#CH-114 Tom Seaver Mets
#MM-38 Yasiel Puig Dodgers
#PH-10 Bob Gibson Cardinals
#TM-15 Clayton Kershaw Dodgers 

Two Red Sox! Two cards of the 'man of the moment' Yasiel Puig. Some parallels and a 'few' inserts. The minis are my favourite particularly if they are of 70's designs like the 1971Clayton Kershaw.

Monday 5 May 2014

2013 Panini Cooperstown Blaster

Not sure why I purchased this blaster of 2013 Cooperstown, just saw it on e-bay and thought 'Why not!' Initially opening the box, I was impressed with the bright red packs, but a little underwhelmed by the actual card design. At first glance the sepia-toned pictures were good but didn't excite. However since putting the packs to one side and then getting them out again to write this post, I am more impressed, not just by the depth of players included and the inserts but also the actual card design.
If you're a enthusiast of the backs of cards, then Cooperstown may interest you. Each back features a box score and a short description of the participation of the player depicted.
The addition of the Colgan's Chips is brilliant. At 1 per pack and a 165 card checklist, it is very tempting to go after the entire set. I love this sort of insert in baseball product.

The base set consists of 100 cards, which come in a number of parallels; Green, Blue, Red, Gold, Black Crystal Shard and Matrix. Plus a further 10 colour short printed base cards.
There are inserts; Colgan's Chips, Lumberjacks, Lumberjacks Die Cut, Historic Tickets, Induction, Museum Pieces, Numbers Game and International Play.
There is an interesting looking box topper insert called Pennants, which comes in blue and red.
I purchased a blaster box, which includes 5 packs each containing 6 cards. As a bonus each blaster has three crystal shard parallels. You may notice the box above is a little beaten and battered, the cards were safe except for one pack, which suffered some corner damage.

Pack 1:
#18 Miller Huggins New York
 #39 Dizzy Dean St.Louis
#75 Al Kaline Detroit
#96 Mike Schmidt Philadelphia
#4 1922 World Series historic ticket insert
Satchel Paige  St.Louis chip

 Pack 2:
#14 Honus Wagner Pittsburgh
#27 Paul Waner Pittsburgh
#43 Bobby Doer Boston
#51 Bob Feller Cleveland
#71 Frank Robinson Cincinnati
Jim Bunning  Detroit chip 

Pack 3:
#1 Lou Gehrig New York
#25 Lefty Grove Philadelphia
#56 Stan Musial St.Louis
#82 Rod Carew Minnesota
 #12 Hank Aaron Museum Pieces 
Al Lopez Cleveland chip

 Pack 4:
#9 Johnny Evers Boston
#28 Buck Leonard Homestead Grays
#67 Hoyt Wilhelm Baltimore
#85 Joe Morgan Cincinnati
#20 Catfish Hunter Induction insert
Rickey Henderson chip

Pack 5:
#13 Dan Brouthers Detroit
#41 Carl Hubbell New York
#70 Jim Bunning Philadelphia
#84 Bob Gibson St.Louis
#98 Dave Winfield Toronto
Monte Irvin New York chip

Bonus Crystal Shard pack
#41 Carl Hubbell New York green shard
#84 Bob Gibson St.Louis green shard
#98 Dave Winfield Toronto green shard

I nice enough cross section of inserts, the historic ticket in particular was interesting and I am even more tempted to try and collect the set of Colgan's Chip.