Thursday, 8 May 2014

2013 Topps Series 2 baseball Jumbo pack

With the imminent arrival of 2014 Topps Series 2, these packs(there are a few) may seem a tad delayed. However I am still after the majority of the Red Sox from the flagship Topps, series1 and update included. The inclusion of 3 blue bordered parallels signify that these jumbo packs, containing 36 cards, were purchased in Wal-Mart. A Walmart somewhere in New York state.
My boss, soon to be ex-boss, was on a break in New York last year and returned with 9 jumbo packs, with an apology saying 'this is all she could find!'
I wasn't disappointed. Her departure from my school may mean these generous gifting are a thing of the past.
Four of the jumbos remain unopened, but not for long. I thought about selling them on eBay but I just enjoy opening packs far too much.

The Topps Series 2 was a 330 card continuation of the series 1 set.
The base cards are available in a number of parallel versions; Emerald Foil, Blue (Wal-Mart), Purple (Toys R' Us), Red (Target), Emerald Blue, Gold, Desert Camo Foil, Black, Pink, Silver Slate, and Platinum.
There are also the short printed base variations.
The inserts include; 1972 minis, Silk collection, Chasing History, Cut to the Chase, Making their Mark, Chase it down, World Baseball Classic stars, the Elite and Elite Gold. Most of the inserts come in an autograph/relic version.

Jumbo pack 1:
#354 Casey Janssen Blue Jays
#366 Ervin Santana Royals
#367 Carlos Ruiz Phillies
#382 Jackie Bradley Jr Red Sox
#389 Phil Hughes Yankees
#397 Mike Aviles Indians
#427 Chris Nelson Rockies
#431 Blake Beavan Mariners
#433 Andrew Werner Athletics
#453 Troy Tulowitzki Rockies
#469 Adam Warren Yankees
#493 Johnny Giavotella Royals
#506 Andy Pettitte Yankees
#527 Carlos Beltran Cardinals
#536 Mike Trout Angels blue border
#536 Mike Trout Angels
#538 Brett Wallace Astros
#548 John Lackey Red Sox
#553 Josh Rutledge Rockies
#563 Nate Eovaldi Marlins
#572 Lorenzo Cain Royals
#583 Alejandro de Aza White Sox
#587 Matt Cain Giants
#600 Mariano Rivera Yankees
#617 Fernanado Rodney Bay Rays
#647 Adam Dunn White Sox blue border
#634 Drew Smyly Tigers blue border
#644 Ryan Lavarnway Red Sox

 #CD-8 Chase Headley Padres
#CH-52 Gary Sheffield Dodgers
#CH-74 Stan Musial Cardinals
#CH-75 Dustin Pedroia Red Sox
#CTC-34 Ernie Banks Cubs
#MM-25 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
#TM-71 Reggie Jackson Yankees 

Ignore the fact that I pulled more Yankees from this pack, this was still a great Red Sox jumbo!