Saturday 8 May 2010

2010 Topps Attax Baseball Part 1

The first five packs from my 'Volcano gifting.' A product aimed at the modern child who likes fantasy gaming. Hmmm.
These have been one of the most popular sets Topps has created.
There are 220 base cards, 30 code cards, 31 gold 'superstars', 60 silver 'hot streak' and 10 sepia 'legends'
There are 21 cards in the starter set and 8 cards per pack: a foil card and code card in every pack.

The Red Sox available are:
Victor Martinez
David Ortiz
Kevin Youkilis
J.D. Drew
Jacoby Ellsbury
Jason Bay
Dustin Pedroia
Jon Lester
Jonathan Papelbon
Josh Beckett
Mike Lowell
Code cards
Jon Lester
Jacoby Ellsbury
Gold Cards -Superstars
Jon Lester
Jacoby Ellsbury
Silver Foil-Hot streak
Josh Beckett
David Ortiz
Jason Bay
Dustin Pedroia
Victor Martinez

The first five 'Volcano' packs:
Pack 1:
Luis Castillo Mets
Adam Jones Orioles
Justin Upton D-backs
David Price Bay Rays
Erik Bedard Mariners
Carlos Quentin White Sox
Pablo Sandoval Giants code card
Roy Halladay Philles Hot Streak

Pack 2:
Billy Butler Royals
Randy Winn Giants
Derek Jeter Yankees
Adam LaRouche Braves
Alexei Ramirez White Sox
Felix Hernanadez Mariners
CC Sabathia Yankees
code card
Alex Rodriguez Yankees Superstar Pack 3:
Carlos Lee Astros
Roy Oswalt Astros
Chris Young D-backs
Lance Berkman Astros
Mariano Rivera Yankees
Gordon Beckham White Sox
Ichiro Mariners code card
Scott Feldman Rangers Hot Streak

Pack 4:
Heath Bell Padres
Geovany Soto Cubs
Miguel Tejada Astros
Albert Pujols Cardinals
Chone Figgins Mariners
Skip Schumaker Cardinals
Derek Jeter Yankees code card
Grady Sizemore Indians Superstar

Pack 5:
Jose Reyes Mets
Aaron Hill Blue Jays
Eric Byrnes D-backs
Jhonny Peralta Indians
Justin Masterson Indians
Dioner Navarro Bay Rays
Lance Berkman Astros code card
Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox Superstar

Not much in the way of Red Sox from these five packs and I thought I would go 'sox-less' until the final pack. The Red Sox was none other than Jacoby Ellsbury and he was a SUPERSTAR.

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