Thursday, 28 June 2012

2012 Gypsy Queen blaster

A Gypsy Queen blaster from the Easter haul. I liked the look of this product at first glance. It was a vintage style, what's not to like. I baulked at the prospect of collecting the base set and opted instead to just go after the Red Sox and the many, many variations of Jacoby Ellsbury that are on offer.
However there are 300 cards in the base set, 50 of which are available in a short printed variation.
There are blue frame, gold frame and mini parallels of the base set.
There are mini variations of the mini parallels which come in numerous designs;
Gypsy Queen Back, Straight Cut Back, Black border, Green border, Gold border and Sepia Tone.
There are relics and autographs. A really interesting relic is the Indian Head Penny Relic.
There are inserts too; 20 Moonshots (+ mini version), 10 Glove Stories, 15 Sliding Stars, 15 Hallmark Heroes, 15 Future Stars.
One standout insert is the Gypsy Kings, which are also available in relic and autographs. With names like Prince Wasso, Felek Horvath,  Adamo the Bold, Aladar the Cruel and Savo the Savage. These are cards I would like to get my hands on.
The base set Red Sox including variations are:
22A Kevin Youkilis (In follow thru)
22B Kevin Youkilis (bat above head) SP
35 Jon Lester
59 Clay Buchholz
60A Jacoby Ellsbury (running)
60B Jacoby Ellsbury (batting) SP
92 Adrian Gonzalez
143A Dustin Pedroia (white jersey)
143B Dustin Pedroia (blue Jersey) SP
151 Carl Crawford
173 David Ortiz
174 Josh Beckett
213 Ryan Lavarnway
234 Carlton Fisk
248A Wade Boggs (catchers glove only)
248B Wade Boggs (catchers knee visable) SP
266 Carl Yastrzemski
275 Mark Melancon

The blaster contains 8 packs of 6 cards.
Pack 1:
#29 Ryan Roberts D-backs
#143 Dustin Pedroia Red Sox SP
#159 Shane Victorino Phillies
#158 Ricky Romero Blue Jays
#201 Allen Craig Cardinals
#219 Alex Cobb Bay Rays mini gypsy queen back 

Pack 2:
#40 Ichiro Mariners
##104 Desmond Jennings Bay Rays
#221 Javier Vazquez Marlins
#GS-JF Jeff Francoeur Royals
#SS-JE Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox
#233 Duke Snider Dodgers mini black

Pack 3:
#50 Miguel Cabrera Tigers
#83 Ryan Howard Phillies
#242 Al Kaline Tigers
#268 Rod Carew Angels
#HH-JB Johnny Bench Reds
#196 Adam Wainwright Cardinals mini

Pack 4:
#22 Kevin Youkilis Red Sox
#44 Matt Kemp Dodgers
#67 Josh Hamilton Rangers SP
#135 Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
#MS-AP Albert Pujols Angels
#45 Madison Bumgarner Giants mini

Pack 5:
#61 Yunel Escobar Blue Jays
#110 Jose Bautista Blue Jays
#219 Jesus Guzman Padres
#276 Ricky Nolasco Marlins
#FS-MP Michael Pineda Yankees
#336 M Trout Angels mini gypsy queen back

Pack 6:
#59 Clay Buchholz Red Sox
#107 Chris Sale White Sox
#117 Marco Scutaro Rockies
#285 Carlos Santana Indians
#FS-MT Mark Trumbo Angels
#185 Lance Berkman Cardinals mini

Pack 7:
#39 Jaime Garcia Cardinals
#79 Melky Cabrera Giants
#148 Dan Harden Angels
#185 Lance Berkman Cardinals
#HH-MM Mickey Mantle Yankees
#70 David Price Bay Rays mini

Pack 8:
#67 Josh Hamilton Rangers
#157 Nelson Cruz Rangers
#244 Roger Maris Yankees
#257 Ryne Sandberg Cubs
#256 Nolan Ryan Astros blue frame 147/599
#83 Ryan Howard Phillies mini straight cut back

I feel this was a pretty good blaster. 4 Red Sox but a numbered Nolan Ryan, the variation of the minis, 2 gypsy backs, 1 straight cut and 1 black border and short prints. The stated odds of 1in3, 1in6, and 1in12 packs. I didn't do too bad.

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  1. I'll send you some great Red Sox for the Snider mini, the Rangers and the Ryan blue if it's for trade.