Monday 27 July 2015

1994 Leaf 'Slideshow' insert

Take your mind back a few years to the 'Junk Wax' era. While many invested in cards, hoping that one day their 1991 Upper Deck Michael Jordan or box of 1988 Donruss would fetch a pretty penny, Leaf were experimenting with this innovative 10-card set featuring a piece of acetate embedded into the card. The design is meant to resemble a photographic slide -- hence the name Slideshow or perhaps it is a play on the action of sliding.
Although for me slides bring back mixed memories of bed sheets hung on the wall and hours of endless slides of scenery, fish and trees, otherwise known as my parents holiday snaps.  My father was no Lord Lucan Litchfield. I quite like these.
The first five cards were randomly inserted into Series One packs and have a blue 'frame', while the five Series Two cards have a white frame.

Not a large checklist but these cards are fit into the 'Made from anything other than cardboard' folder.
Slideshow Checklist
1 Frank Thomas
2 Mike Piazza
3 Darren Daulton
4 Ryne Sandberg
5 Roberto Alomar
6 Barry Bonds
7 Juan Gonzalez
8 Tim Salmon
9 Ken Griffey, Jr.
10 David Justice


  1. very cool cards.... had no idea they existed.

    oh, and I had to google Lord Lucan. Now I'm a wee confused.
    that shouldn't surprise anyone I suppose.

    1. It should actually say Litchfield, who was a well respected royal photographer not Lucan, who disappeared without trace.hope this clears your confusion!