Sunday, 19 June 2016

2016 Donruss Baseball Trading Cards

The first of many packs from the ever generous Big B from Waxaholic. Brian and I have often lamented about being baseball collectors outside the USA, so these are a welcome surprise. Thanks Big B.
With Donruss/Panini there appears to be no sitting on the fence.
Collectors love them, saying things like;  'superior to Topps', 'great design',  'thicker card stock' , 'great inserts'
or hate them, 'ugly, ugly, ugly', 'overly glossy', 'total junk'  and even accusations of reusing the same photographs. Some collectors just don't like them because they are unofficial and have no logos. 
As far as I'm concerned, who couldn't like at set that includes a chicken!

The Red Sox in the base set are:

Diamond King #4 Xander Bogaerts
Rated Rookies #44 Henry Owens
#69 Xander Bogaerts
#84 David Ortiz 
#118 Mookie Betts
#162 Rusney Castillo
#168 Eduardo Rodriguez
#185 Carl Yastrzemski
#188 Pedro Martinez

There are 8 cards in the pack and I have 1 pack! It contained:

#111 Ryan Braun Milwaukee
#117 Shin-Soo Choo Texas
#131 Yordano Ventura Kansas City
#164 Odubel Herrera Philadelphia
#168 Eduardo Rodriguez Boston
#195 checklist
#D82-3 Lorenzo Cain Kansas City
#TR6 Stephen Piscotty  St.Louis
(and a big lump of cardboard!)

Nice- one 1 pack and 1 Red Sox!

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