Tuesday, 17 February 2009

1986 Donruss Pop-up

The second helping of different packs from Dayf is this 1986 Donruss All-star pack. Two things make this one unusual. Firstly '..its wrapped in plastic..' and therefore you can see the cards your getting, secondly the cards are bigger than your average card, not to mention that one of the cards pops up!
There are 18 pop-up cards in the set.
There are 60 All-stars cards in the set.
Included in this pack is a pop-up card and 3 large Donruss All-Stars .

The pack:
#13 Pop-up Jim Rice Red Sox

#16 Jim Rice Red Sox

#25 Tim Wallach Expos

#38 Dick Williams Manager NL All-Stars

Two Red Sox. Things are looking up. How do you store these larger cards?

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