Thursday, 19 February 2009

1988 Donruss baseball

If you check the wants' lists on blogs, as I do from time to time. Nobody needs any 1988 Donruss cards. Did they over print or are there no real 'big' cards in the set? Either way it appears that everyone has all the 1988 Donruss they want or need. Still a pack is a pack.
There are 660 cards in the base set.
The subsets include: 27 Diamond Kings (#1-27), 20 Rated Rookies(#28- 47), 26 Bonus MVP's and 26 short printed cards (#648-660).
There are 15 cards and 3 puzzle pieces in a pack.

The pack:
Puzzle piece 34, 35, 36
#19 Gary Gaetti DK Twins
#54 Mark Gubicza Royals
#102 George Brett Royals
#103 Mickey Tettleton A's
#150 Terrence Kennedy Orioles
#186 Baudilio Diaz Reds
#234 Jose Oquendo Cardinals
#235 William Doran Astros
#283 Devon White Angels
#366 Jim Presley Brewers
#367 Lloyd Moseby Blue Jays
#416 Brain Dayett Cubs
#452 Guy Hoffman Reds
#499 Tracy Woodson Dodgers
#585 Jeff Sellers Red Sox

Hey, hey a Red Sox.


  1. I think it's that it's one of the most overproduced sets, there are no big cards, most people don't like the design and when everybody was a kid they had their complete set and a ton of doubles as these were everywhere and super cheap. But, having said that, I really liked this set and still do. Oh by the way John I sent your cards out last week and you should be getting them any day now. =)

  2. I agree with the overproduction. I have two sealed cases, yes i said cases, not wax boxes. I have had them for nearly twenty years now and i worth less now then i paid for them back in 1991.