Wednesday, 9 November 2011

2010 Allen and Ginter

 Here is the pack from the Yawkey Way store opposite Fenway Park, courtesy of Mark. I am trying to collect the complete 2010 base set, and failing miserably, so any cards out of the pack from the wants list would be great.
Before this pack I still need a whopping 144 of the 350 to complete the base set plus a side collection of Monsters of the Mesozoic. Also known as the Dinosaur set.
The pack:
#49 Jennry Mejia Mets mini black border
#197 Johnny Damon Tigers
#206 J.D.Drew Red Sox
#235 Carlos Guillen Tigers
#309 Casey McGehee Brewers
#TDH40 Jake Peavy White Sox

The wants list has been reduced by three and a Red Sox too. Only 141 to go.

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