Thursday, 10 November 2011

2011 Topps Attax baseball

Another pack of cards from Dayf, this time a pack of 2011 Topps Attax baseball.
Just to clear something up that I wasn't sure of the last time I opened a pack of these- Which are the rare and ultra rare cards? A helpful reader dropped me a e-mail to say that the diamond in the bottom right corner denotes the rarity of the card.
As such:
A black diamond is common,
a silver diamond is uncommon,
a gold diamond is rare and,
a white diamond is ultra-rare.
So now you know. All a person, with ample amounts of time on their hand, has to do is create a checklist.
There are 258 cards in the base set, consisting of 206 players, 25 Mascots and 27 Stadiums. The cards are ordered alphabetically by first name. There are foil variations of every card, which should be regarded as a parallel set. There are two inserts, Mickey Mantle and  Babe Ruth Legend cards.

The Red Sox available from this set are:
#7 Adrian Gonzalez
#37 Carl Crawford
#55 Clay Buchholz
#66 David Ortiz
#77 Dustin Pedroia
#102 Jacoby Ellsbury
#116 Jon Lester
#117 Jonathan Papelbon
#123 Josh Beckett
#134 Kevin Youkilis
#230 Wally the Green Monster
#240 Fenway Park SP Stadium

The pack from Dayf contains 12 cards.
The Pack:
#10 Alex Rodriguez Yankees uncommon
#20 Aubrey Huff Giants common
#27 Brandon Phillips Reds common
#61 Corey Hart Brewers uncommon foil
 #77 Dustin Pedroia Red Sox rare
#93 Heath Bell Padres ultra-rare
#120 Jose Reyes Mets rare
#123 Josh Beckett Red Sox common
#132 Kelly Johnson D-backs common
#156 Michael Young Rangers uncommon
#188 Stephen Drew D-backs uncommon
#235 Chase Field D-backs common

A two Red Sox pack, nice.
Of some interest of those inclined, there are two variations (error) cards:
#33 Brain McCann who can be seen with one hand or two hands on the bat and,
#154 Michael Bourne with a #21 or #42 jersey.

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