Sunday, 22 July 2012

1992 Topps Stadium Club Series 2

1992 Topps Stadium Club. What you may or may not already know is that Topps produced a Football (soccer) version of this set.
Same idea. Super premium cards, border less Kodak photography, however the cards were a lot less glossy than the baseball version. The cards were also released in a see through package with creased top and bottom rather than the tight fitting US version.
My football team is Charlton Athletic and there were two players available in the set. Goalkeeper Bob Bolder and Midfielder Rob Lee. There was only 200 cards to collect in the base set and 15 PROMO cards. Although considered rare, they can be often found on e-bay.
In the baseball version there are a whopping 900 cards, released in 3 series of 300 cards.  There are 34 Red Sox cards to collect.
In series 2 the Red Sox available were:

325 Mo Vaughn
352 Wayne Housie
377 Scott Cooper
399 Ellis Burks
424 John Marzano
446 Mike Greenwell
464 Tom Brunansky
481 Jeff Plympton
504 Josias Manzanillo RC
520 Wade Boggs
539 Danny Darwin
561 Tom Bolton
577 Jeff McNeely
593 Roger Clemens MC

This pack comes from Waxaholic.

The pack:
#312 Bruce Hurst Padres
#323 Hector Wagner Royals
#324 Wally Ritchie Phillies
#332 Tom Prince Pirates
#346 Lee Guetterman Yankees
#368 Bryn Smith Cardinals
#371 Jose Uribe Giants
#379 Billy Spiers Brewers
#388 Tom Gordon Royals
#418 Jason Grimsley Phillies
#466 Geronimo Pena Cardinals
#505 Delino DeShields Expos
#517 Kelly Downs Giants
#555 Derek bell Blue Jays
#580 Fred McGriff Padres


A Pony! Thankfully the players rookie cards are shown on the back of Stadium Club cards. 

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