Friday, 27 July 2012

2011 Topps Attax baseball

Two six pack cards of a set a really liked. These were purchased from the Dollar Tree in Manchester New Hampshire.
A little reminder about these cards there is a level of rare-ness.
A black diamond is common,
a silver diamond is uncommon,
a gold diamond is rare and,
a white diamond is ultra-rare.
There are 258 cards in the base set, consisting of 206 players, 25 Mascots and 27 Stadiums. The cards are ordered alphabetically by first name. There are foil variations of every card, which should be regarded as a parallel set. There are two inserts, Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth Legend cards.
The Red Sox available from this set are:
#7 Adrian Gonzalez
#37 Carl Crawford
#55 Clay Buchholz
#66 David Ortiz
#77 Dustin Pedroia
#102 Jacoby Ellsbury
#116 Jon Lester
#117 Jonathan Papelbon
#123 Josh Beckett
#134 Kevin Youkilis
#230 Wally the Green Monster
#240 Fenway Park SP Stadium
I still need the majority of these cards.
There are six cards in the packs, which are very nicely referred to as 'Boosters'

Pack 1:
#25 Bobby Arbeu Angles foil
#82 Fausto Carmona Indians
#96 Hunter Pence Astros
#101 Ike Davis Mets
#151 Matt Holliday cardinals
#152 Matt Kemp Dodgers

Pack 2:
#19 Arolids Chapman Reds
#42 Carlos Quentin White Sox
#53 Chris Johnson Astros
#70 Delmon Young Twins
#90 Ian Stewart Rockies
#137 Kurt Suzuki Athletics

The less said about these packs the better.

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