Saturday 18 May 2013

1990 Sportflics Magic Motion baseball cards

I have become strangely obsessed with the 3D/ Lenticular cards both past and present. It may be the strange combination of plastic and cardboard or the 'oddball' nature of these cards, but I have been feeling the urge to add a few to my collection.
So what better way to add to the lenticular collection than 'Sportflics'.
By 1990, Sportflics Magic Motion cards were in their fifth year and had not been the spectacular success that the producers had hope they would be.
The 250 base card set only featured 6 Red Sox players;
#2 Wade Boggs
#50 Mike Greenwell
#72 Nick Esasky
#80 Ellis Burks
#149 Roger Clemens
#217 Dwight Evans

I have six packs of these 3D marvels. Each pack contains three superstar cards and two trivia cards.

Pack 1:
#7 Ken Griffey.Jr Mariners
#76 Jose Deleon Cardinals
#158 Julio Franco Rangers
Trivia #24
Trivia #151
1. Pick out the MVP who smashed the most home runs in the 70's?
A. Jim Rice
B. Dave Parker
C.Willie Stargell
D. Reggie Jackson
Pack 2:
#43 Greg Briley Mariners
#161 Joe Magrane Cardinals
#185 Mike Moore Athletics
Trivia #81
Trivia #142
2.What MVP holds the record for most home runs in a four game World Series?
A. Reggie Jackson
B. Mickey Mantle
C. Lou Gehrig
D. Hank Greenberg

Pack 3:
#6 Tony Fernandez Blue Jays
#35 Bob Welsh Athletics
#167 Mike LaValliere Pirates
Trivia #63
Trivia #150
3.What MVP was the first switch-hitter ever to win a batting title?
A. Rod Carew
B. Pete Rose
C. Mickey Mantle
D. Frank McCormick

Pack 4:
#2 Wade Boggs Red Sox
#46 Pat Borders Blue Jays
#163 Ricky Jordan Phillies
Trivia #11
Trivia #144
4.What MVP has the most RBIs in a four game World Series?
A. Yogi Berra
B. Reggie Jackson
C. Lou Gehrig
D. Mickey Mantle

Pack 5:
#24 Tom Glavine Braves
#156 Len Dykstra Phillies
#190 Dan Cladden Twins
Trivia #62
Trivia #149
5. Who was the only pitcher ever to win back-to-back MVP Awards?
A. Hal Newhouser
B. Bob Gibson
C. Sandy Koufax
D. Carl Hubbell

Pack 6:
#18 Glenn Davis Astros
#93 Roberto Alomar Padres
#176 Jeff Huson Expos
Trivia #38
Trivia #119
6.What MVP had the most career walks in the NL?
A. Willie Mays
B. Henry Aaron
C. Joe Morgan
D. Maury Wills

1.C Stargell , who bashed 256 homers
2.C Gehrig , who hit four home runs in the '29 series
3.C Mantle, who won the AL hitting title with a .363 batting average in'56
4.C Gehrig, who had a record nine RBIs in the '28 series
5.A. Newhouser, in '44 (29-9) and '45 (25-9)
6.C. Morgan, who holds the NL record with 1,799 walks in his 22 year career.
(answers as of 1990)

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