Wednesday 22 May 2013

1995 Topps Dimension III baseball packs

In line with the direction my collecting habits have taken of late, I purchased some packs of Topps Dimension III, of 'D3' as it became known.
I ignored some sensible advice, such as avoiding this product like a plague infested cat. However I wanted to see Topps's attempt at 3D/lenticular technology for myself .
Maybe it's a weak extraocular muscle or just my poor eyesight but these things look bloody awful... from any distance.
It begs the question. What were they thinking?
There are 59 base cards in the set and 6 Zone inserts. There are only two Red Sox in the set;
#9 Roger Clemens
#34 Mike Greenwell
I purchased 5 packs from e-bay for about $1.00 a pack (which is a little better than the original price of $5 a pack).

#3 Ruben Sierra Athletics
#12 Andy Benes Padres
#26 Paul O'Neill Yankees
#44 Doug Drabek Astros
#DIIIZ 1 Frank Thomas White Sox

Pack 2:
#10 Cal Eldred Brewers
#23 Mike Stanley Yankees
#32 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers
#34 Mike Greenwell Red Sox
#57 Orlando Merced Pirates
Pack 3:
#23 Mike Stanley Yankees
#32 Ian Rodriguez Rangers
#41 Tim Wallach Dodgers
#57 Orlando Merced Pirates
#DIIIZ 3 Jeff Bagwell Astros 

Pack 4:
# 7 Albert Belle Indians
#18 Scott Leius Twins
#20 Brian Anderson Angels
#37 Don Mattingly Yankees
#47 Bip Roberts Padres

Pack 5:
#10 Cal Eldred Brewers
#11 Dennis Eckersley Athletics
#14 Andres Galarraga Rockies
#22 Bobby Bonilla Mets
#32 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers 
These cards look better scanned than they do in the flesh, but the pictures still appear to be out of focus rather than three dimensional. Pinnacle's UC3 was apparently a much better product, which couldn't have been too difficult.
At least I pulled an Eck.


  1. Did you seriously pull three Ivan Rodriguez cards and no Clemens? Crazy collation.

  2. I personally love this set. I opened a couple of boxes and I may have an extra Clemens. If I have it and you want it shoot me an e-mail - flywheels at yahoo