Wednesday 17 December 2008

2003 FLEER Showcase

The pack contains 5 cards.
The regular set consists 105 basic cards and 10 Showcasing talent cards.
There are inserts SweetStitch.
There is a parallel set Legacy (numbered to 150) and Masterpieces (numbered 1 of 1).
Base cards:
#80 Kazuhisa Ishii Dodgers
#84 Scott Rolen Cardinals
#91 Craig Biggio Astros
#93 Austin Kearns Reds
#98 Robin Yount Brewers

Really nice looking cards. A plain grey outer border and off white inner border with the gloss player picture on a matt background, that makes the player stand out. Good card stock. I bought these from a seller on e-bay who was also selling 'hit' packs, so I guessed there would be nothing but base cards in here. Pity there were no Red Sox.

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