Saturday 20 December 2008

2007 SP Legendary Cuts

The pack contains 4 cards.
There are 100 cards in the base set.
There are inserts Legendary Lineage Die cuts (numbered to 550)
There are parallels galore Legendary Material ,When It Was A Game, Masterful Material, Inside the Numbers, A Stitch in time, Material Signatures (numbered to 10), Legendary Signatures (numbered to 199), Legendary Materials (numbered to 199), Legendary Americana (numbered to 550), Material Cuts (numbered between 5 and 1),Legendary Team Cuts (1 of 1), Legendary Quad Cuts (1 of 1), Dual cuts (1 of 1), Signature Cuts (1 of 1),Quotation Cuts (numbers vary), Hall of Fame Cuts, Historical Cuts.
Cuts, cuts and more cuts.
I bought three packs, knowing full well that there would be just base cards.

Pack 1:
#1 Phil Niekro Braves
#16 Ernie Banks Cubs
#30 Lou Boudreau Reds
#85 Satchel Paige St. Louis
Pack 2:
#2 Brooks Robinson Orioles
#21 Nellie Fox White Sox
#29 Bob Lemon Indians
#86 George Sisler St. Louis
Pack 3:
#15 Rod Carew Angels
#44 Kirby Puckett Twins
#72 Steve Carlton Phillies
#99 Vern Stephens Red Sox

I like the look of these cards. The black background marble effect works for me. Photographs in black and white, the player surrounded by a red oval, sometimes breaking free of the confines and the gold lettering. It all fits very well. Only 100 base cards to collect, a box should much were they again?

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