Friday 26 December 2008

2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers

The correct name for this set is the mind numbing Topps Baseball Updates and Highlights presents Topps Heritage High Number Series. In other words Series 2.
Two packs of these arrived from Spiff at Texas Rangers cards.
There are 8 cards per pack, 6 Heritage and 2 Updates and Highlights., not forgetting the 1 piece of bubble gum.
There are 220 High Numbers in the set (#501 - #720), including the 35 Short prints.
There are 35 Short printed Black backs, 15 Rookie Performers and 10 Then and Now inserts.
There are also Chrome cards, Refractors and Black border Refractors.
There are 330 cards in the Updates and Highlights set.

Pack 1:
#UH39 Jose Molina Yankees
#UH 109 Alberto Callaspo Royals
#519 Max Scherzer DBacks RC
#526 C.J.Wison Rangers
#606 Brian Moehler Astros
#612 Jeff Baker Rockies
#665 Texas Rangers checklist
#669 Aaron Miles Cardinals

Pack 2:
#UH32 Cody Ross Marlins
#UH99 Combos Ramirez & Ortiz
#C228 Manny Parra Brewers 503/559
#553 Brandon Lyon DBacks
#603 Joel Pineiro Cardinals
#613 Houston Astros checklist
#625 Greg Dobbs Phillies
#666 Jason Michaels Pirates

These were pretty good packs. A numbered chrome very nice. A Ramirez and Ortiz, but not Manny and Big Papi, Hanley and Big Papi. Still a Red Sox card nonetheless.

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