Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Would anyone like some Red Sox cards?

Half-term holiday this week, which means that Sunday isn't as hectic as it usually is. In our house Sunday ends up being a homework day for the children, my wife and me. Planning for the week ahead.
Today has been very different, the girls spent most of the day playing with a large box. It was a house, a cave, momentarily a trap, but it spent most of the day full of cushions and blankets. The boys played Paper Mario on the Wii, read for a while, annoyed their sisters and went back to Mario. My wife Tina read and was occasionally called upon to move a large cardboard box somewhere else. I was able to do some card sorting.

I have accumulated a heafty pile of cards but not had the time to sort through them for trade. The bulk of the cards are Red Sox. Adam from Thought and Sox sent a large selection of Red Sox my way recently, so there are some from his wants list on the way. A few from Shoebox Legends wants list, but there is still loads of 2009, 2008, 2007 Red Sox cards (a few earlier too) looking for a home.

Anyone else collect Red Sox?


  1. If you get ant hits on this request please let me know because I have about 3000 Red Sox doubles to trade.

    I almost have another package for you. Only a few more cards anditwill warrant shippig.

  2. I've got the address of a few Yankee fans I would love you to send them to...