Wednesday, 11 November 2009

2009 Bowman Chrome Baseball

I was sent this pack along with a few others in a recent 'Trade' with the Alley family in North Carolina. They were generous and sent a five different packs, most of which I have cards but as yet to bust a pack.
There are a number of Red Sox I still need from this set;
#20, 22, 38, 49, 69, 89, 115, 140, 174, 188, 194, 205
Prospects set (BCP-)
#2,5, 26, 83, 104, 113, 139, 184, 187.

The pack contains 4 cards.

The pack:
#192 Trevor Cahill Athletics

Bowman Chrome Prospect #170 Mario Martinez Mariners
Baseball World Classic #39 Kyuji Fujikawa

Bowman Chrome Prospect #173 Santos Rodriguez White Sox
Refractor #244/250

Finally a card for Steve. I very rarely pull a White Sox card of any note. I like shiny cards but I am left to wonder about the reasoning behind 'chrome'. Has the concept worn thin or are collectors still enamoured with all things shiny?


  1. Oh, no, I love shiny. And I'm not the only one

  2. How much is the 1st Bowman Chrome card for Mario Martinez? I just got it in a pack today? Cant find anywhere online to see the price.. My email is Thanks -Wes