Saturday 21 November 2009

1989 Topps Baseball

I have junk wax two packs of this particular year to open. One from the Alleys and the other from 'Big B' at Waxaholic, who like myself, thinks that junk wax is the dog's whatnots.
There ais only one card I need to complete the Red Sox from this set;
#155 Marty Barrett
Each of these packs contains 15 cards and a stick of this stuff.

Pack 1:
#2 Wade Boggs Red Sox record breakers
#16 Ron Robinson Reds
#106 Willies Upshaw Indians
#145 Dave Stewart Athletics
#178 Mark Grant Padres
#215 Kevin Gross Phillies
#280 Bob Knepper Astros
#320 Lou Whitaker Tigers
#359 Tommy John Yankees
#421 Kirk McCaskill Angels
#594 Jimy Williams Blue Jays
#628 Matt Williams Giants
#643 Loiuie Meadows Astros
#693 Pat Borders Blue Jays
#729 Rangers leaders

Pack 2:
#38 Paul Runge Braves
#62 Alfredo Griffin Dodgers
#92 Jeff Kunkel Rangers
#211 Mike Pagliarulo Yankees
#318 Gene Larkin Twins
#344 Tom Trebelhorn Brewers
#363 Rich Yett Indians
#349 Ron Jones Phillies
#467 Jim Walewander Tigers
#533 Andy Hawkins Padres
#647 Randy Johnson Expos
#748 Jimmy Jones Padres
#753 Jose Uribe Giants
#772 Ron Oester Reds
#779 Craig McMurtry Rangers
A Red Sox but not the one needed.
This second pack reminds me of an e-mail that I received very early in my blogging career. The collector asked if any I had any cards in my collection of players who last name (unhyphenated nor double barrelled) was longer than 13 letters. At first I thought this was a strange request but I did look through my collection. Unfortunately I was unable to find any players who met these requirements.
I know of some footballers; Ranger's Saltalamacchia, Bolton's Giannakopoulos, Uniteds Van Nistelrooij,or my personal favourite Celtics Vennegoor of Hesselink but these are double barrels.
Any advance on 13 letters?

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