Tuesday 24 April 2012

2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition

Back to the hostage packs from Cardboard Junkie. These two packs were not wrapped as shown above but came in a clear foil wrapper, which may have been a free addition to another product. There are three cards per pack, so the only card you don't already know is the middle card. The card that collectors were after in this product was the Gordon Beckham rookie.
The whole base set is 100 cards and the Red Sox available are:
#4 Adam Mills
#59 Josh Reddick
#66 Kyle Weiland
#84 Ryan Pressly
#91 Tim Federowicz
#95 Tyler Yockey

Pack 1:
#15 Charlie Fairbush Detroit
#49 Jesse Darcy Tampa Bay
#56 Josh Reddick Boston

Pack 2:
#13 Brent Morel Chicago
#61 Justin Bristow Chicago
#91 Tim Federowicz Boston

Lovely two Red Sox from two packs. Charlie Furbush- seriously????

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