Monday, 16 April 2012

2009 Goodwin Champions

A while ago I set out to collect the whole base set of 2009 Goodwin Champions. It is now 2012 and this particular pursuit is still wide open. 24 cards still to go from the 150 base set. It is slow going considering there are 4 cards per pack and I really would like to clear the decks before attempting another pursuit in 2012. That doesn't include the 2012 baseball sticker album, which I will pursue when the album arrives.
This pack came from Cardboard Junkie as part of our hostage exchange program.

The pack:
#17 Rollie Fingers A's
#50 David Ortiz Red Sox
#54 Kosuke Fukudome Cubs
#138 Gary Sheffield Mets mini
That's more like it.
A Red Sox card and one that is needed to complete the base set. Good pack.

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  1. I remember being so excited when Goodwin came out, but then only went so far as purchasing a blaster of the stuff.