Tuesday 17 April 2012

2011 Topps Update

Another couple of 5 card packs, sent my way from Cardboard Junkie, as part of the hostage relocation program he set up last year. This time from the Update Series. So by simple deduction he must have sent the series 1 5 card packs.
There are a few Red Sox I need to complete this update set. The available Red Sox are (the ones I need are underlined):
US1 Adrian Gonzalez
US9 Jose Iglesias RC
US20 Adrian Gonzalez
US42 David Ortiz
US78 David Ortiz
US122 Alfredo Aceves
US126 Adrian Gonzalez
US144 Kevin Youkilis
US166 David Ortiz
US257 Erik Bedard
US278 Jacoby Ellsbury
US296 Bobby Jenks
US300 Carl Crawford

Pack 1:
#107 Brandon McCarthy Athletics
#144 Kevin Youkilis Red Sox
#206 J.P Howell Bay Rays
#301 Tom Gorzelanny Nationals
#314 Armando Galarraga D-backs

Pack 2:
#147 C.J.Wilson Rangers
#199 Micah Owings D-backs
#224 Bill Hall Giants 
#236 Jose Morales Rockies
#259 Andre Ethier Dodgers
I am presuming these 5 cards packs include only base cards, no inserts/parallels etc.

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