Saturday 21 April 2012

2011 Topps Chrome

A break from the hostage packs. This pack was sent by Ted, who included some Topps regular pack as well in a recent trade. Nothing like a trade that includes unopened packs.
There are 4 cards per pack.
The Red Sox available are:
#3 Carl Crawford
#12 David Ortiz
#25 Adrian Gonzalez
#34 Josh Beckett
#49 Jonathan Papelbon
#55 Jon Lester
#90 Kevin Youkilis
#116 Clay Buchholz
#124 Jacoby Ellsbury
#161 Dustin Pedroia
Still need plenty of Red Sox from this set.

The pack:
#18 Ian Kinsler Rangers
#119 Ryan Lubwick Padres
#175 Ben Revere Twins
#C119 Jeremy Hellickson Bay Rays 1745/1962

A pony but that is too packs in a row containing limited print run cards. The Hellickson card is a nice one too! I know just where it will go as well.

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