Wednesday, 3 October 2012

2001 Donruss Studio packs

The 2001 Studio set was the first Donruss brand for 3 years since the demise, through bankruptcy of the previous owners Pinnacle. It was also the first regular set to feature short printed and serial numbered cards. The short base set consists of 150 cards, add 48 Rated Rookies (limited to 2001), 2 Rated Rookie redemptions (limited to 500) and 20 Fan club (limited to 5000) cards to create a  220 card extended base set. There are many, many more limited cards from this set, including the popular Diamond Kings.

The RED SOX from the short base set are;
#14 Manny Ramirez
#17 Nomar Garciaparra
#46 Hideo Nomo
#65 Carl Everett
#107 Pedro Martinez
#127 Shea Hillenbrand
#131 Trot Nixon
#137 Jason Varitek

I have four very thick packs each containing 3 cards.

Pack 1:
#5 Derek Jeter Yankees
##26 Brain Jordan Braves
#143 John Olerud Mariners
Pack 2:
#11 Mark Quinn Royals
#70 Jacque Jonas Twins
#110 Rickey Henderson Padres
Pack 3:
#56 Matt Morris Cardinals
#64 Juan Encarnacion Tigers
#112 Sammy Sosa Cubs
Pack 4:
#43 Barry larkin Reds
#51 Bobby Abreu Phillies
#133 Juan Pierre Rockies

 In the absence of any Red Sox I give you Bobby Abreu and the thick spacer that was inside each pack.

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  1. I love all Studio sets. If you want to put this one together, I have plenty of doubles. And triples.