Thursday, 28 May 2015

1988 Pacific Eight Men Out trading cards

The second pack of this mini theme comes from 1988 and features pictures from the baseball movie 'Eight Men Out'. 
The movie is about the infamous 1919 World Series between the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox (forever dubbed the 'Black Sox'). 
The cards are notable for a few reasons. The set has the only MLB licenced 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson card and also features cards of the actors, Charlie Sheen ( Major League), John Cusack, Christopher Lloyd ( Back to the Future) and for Walking Dead fans Michael Rooker.
I don't want to get in to some war about the best baseball movie, however 'Eight Men Out' stands very close to the top. Which makes me wonder why there hasn't been any other sets featuring baseball movies, besides this set and the recent Major League inserts. I would seriously consider a set based on 'The Natural' in the 1939 or 1940 Playball design.  

This Eight Men Out set has 110 cards showing pictures of the actors in the movie and actual pictures of the 1919 Reds and White Sox players. 
Each pack contains 10 cards and comes wrapped in a lovely wax wrapper shown above.  

The pack:
#8 Eddie Collins (Bill Irwin)
#9 Chick Gandil (Michael Rooker)
#20 Joe Jackson (D.B.Sweeney)
#50 Ray Schalk (Gordon Clapp)
#53 Chicago Stickball
#74 Not Guilty
#77 Who's Joe Jackson (D.B Sweeney)
#86 Bill Rariden Reds 
#97 Dickie Kerr White Sox
#102 Kid Gleason White Sox Mng

Just for the record-
1.The Natural
2. Major League 
3. For the Love of the Game
4. Eight Men Out
5. 42
6. Field of Dreams
7. A League of Their Own
8. Fever Pitch 
9. Bang the Drum Slowly 
10. Bull Durham
11. Moneyball
12. 61*
13. Million Dollar Arm 
14. Ken Burns Baseball documentary

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  1. you know, sadly, I've never seen it. I'll make an effort to watch it soon...

    and if I may suggest a movie for your top 10, Long Gone with William Peterson and Virginia Madsen. Fantastic movie.