Thursday 21 May 2015

1990 Sportsflic Magic Motion baseball

The wrapper of this product offers a 'Special Glossy Set' in exchange for 3 wrappers and $5.00. The redemption set included 42 1990 YOUNG SUPERSTARS and 5 Magic Motion Trivia cards. The offer was only good while supply lasted. Did anyone purchase this set and how was it different from the Superstar card in packs?
I love this sort of technology on cards, actually I like any sort of deviation from the normal cardboard, be it plastic, wood, acetate or metal. 
Sportflic produced Magic Motion cards,  where the image magically flips as the cards are moved or tilted, from 1986 and this 1990 outing would be their last, ending a five year run. 
This pack contains 3 Superstar cards and 3 'Magic Motion' Trivia cards. 

The pack:
#11 Kirby Puckett Twins
#40 Bob Boone Royals
#162 Nelson Santovenia Expos
#1/153 Trivia
#137/152 Trivia  
What MVP was the first little league graduate to be elected to the Hall of Fame/
a. Willie McGee
b. Don Mattingly
c. Carl Yastrzemski
d. Ryne Sandberg

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  1. the kid in me loves those sportflics.
    reminds me of a prize in the breakfast cereal box.