Wednesday 20 May 2015

2011 Topps Chrome baseball

Two packs of Topps Chrome from a while back. Thankfully not the flaw ridden 2010 product. They were a bit of a disaster. 
Lots of rookies autographs in this series, 2011 included Eric Hosmer.
I don't need any Red Sox base Chrome cards, so what are the odds that I will pull one more from a pack.
There are 4 cards per pack. Refractor odd are 1 in 3, Gold refractors 1 in 11,000 .

Pack 1:
#16 Jason Heyward Braves X-fractor
#105 Felix Hernandez Mariners
#148 Derrek Lee Orioles
#157 Angle Pagan Mets
'borrowed' image from COMC. My scanner didn't like this card at all!

Pack 2:
#57 John Jaso Bay Rays
#139 Clayton Richard Padres
#142 John Buck Marlins refractor
#149 Ian Desmond Nationals
Another 'borrowed' image. My scanner really does hate these chrome cards.
Despite there not being any Red Sox cards, pulling a refractor from each pack is pretty good odds. I had also forgotten how much I like shiny cards.

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  1. There should have been lawsuits over 2010 Chrome. 2011 is much better!