Tuesday 13 June 2017

2016 Unknown Silver Packs

Mystery solved these cards are from the 'Spring Fever' Promo set.
The 2016 Spring Fever set is a special 50 card promo set from Topps that is only available through hobby shops during a limited time in February. For every $20 spent on Topps Series 1, collectors were able to obtain a five-card Spring Fever pack. Included in each pack is one Wacky Packages promo card, which were also available in 2016 Topps Series 1.

There are three Red Sox cards in the 50 card set:
SF-5 David Price
SF-19 David Ortiz
SF-21 Dustin Pedroia

Some lucky Red Sox collector may also be able to nab one of these limited Spring Fever autographs:
SFA-CY Carl Yastrzemski 
SFA-DO David Ortiz 
SFA-DP David Price 
Each of these cards is limited to 10.

I have two of these silver packs, each should contain 5 cards plus a Wacky Packages promo sticker courtesy of Big B.

Pack 1:
#4 Todd Frazier White Sox
#9 Johnny Cueto Giants
#25 Andrew McCutchen Pirates
#28 Max Scherzer Nationals
#40 Joe Mauer Twins
#WP7 Cardinals
Pack 2:
#7 Yu Darvish Rangers
#15 Kris Bryant Cubs
#33 Jon Gray Rockies
#42 Giancarlo Stanton Marlins
#46 Jake Arrieta Cubs
#WP2 Mets
I really like the Wacky packages stickers.

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