Saturday 10 June 2017

PressTine Baseball Trading Cards

I have been gifted these Presstine packs before, so I know what to expect, a lot of late 80's early 90 cards. Interestingly stated on the front of the pack-
"The genuine trading cards have been legally purchased and repackaged for sale by Presstine Marketing Inc."
A legal requirement? Are card collectors that litigious?

Here are the four packs purchased from a dollar store somewhere in New Hampshire. There are 20 cards per pack.

Pack 1:
1985 Topps Rick Cerone Yankees
1986 Topps Curt Wilkerson Rangers
1987 Topps Terry Forster Angels
1988 Donruss Gary Lucas Angels
1988 Donruss Dale Mohorcic Rangers
1988 Fleer Bobby Thigpen White Sox
1988 Topps Casey Candaele Expos
1988 Topps Atlle Hammaker Giants
1989 Fleer Ruben Sierra Rangers
1989 Score Traded Todd Benzinger Reds
1989 Topps Shawn Hillegas White Sox
1990 Donruss Bob Knepper Giants
1990 Score Hal Morris Yankees
1990 Score Kelly Downs Giants
1991 Upper Deck Robert Eenhoorn Yankees
1999 Upper Deck Matt Willioams D-backs
2001 Fleer Tradition Chan Ho Park Dodgers
2004 Topps Total Garrett Anderson Angels
2007 Fleer Jae Seo Devil Rays
2007 Upper Deck Jeremy Guthrie Giants

According to the back of this card he is nicknamed 'The Dutch Treat'
Pack 2:
1986 Pacific Brad Rohde Mariners
1987 Donruss Chris Bando Indians
1988 Fleer Dave Stieb Blue Jays
1988 Score Mike Scioscia Dodgers
1988 Topps Mike Fitzgerald Expos
1988 Topps Rafael Palmeiro Cubs
1989 Donruss Gary Redus Pirates
1989 Fleer Frank White Royals
1989 Score Traded Jeffrey Leonard Mariners
1989 Topps Julio Franco Indians
1990 Score Jeff Blauser Braves
1990 Topps Tony Pena Cardinals
1991 Donruss Will Clark Giants
1991 Donruss Mark McGwire Athletics
1991 Leaf John Orton Angels
1991 Upper Deck Dan Pasqua White Sox
1994 Stadium Club Mark McGwire Athletics
1999 Topps Homer Bush Blue Jays
2003 Bowman Chrome Guilermo Quiroz Blue Jays
2003 Fleer Darin Erstad Angels
2007 Fleer Edgar Renteria Braves
2007 Upper Deck Cody Ross Marlins
2015 Bowman Jordy Larr Mariners
2015 Panini Contenders Tyler Jay University of Illinois
2015 Panini Tyler Jay University of Illinois
A 25 card pack...

Pack 3:
1986 Pacific Rudy Webster Mariners
1986 Topps Jim Gott Giants
1986 Topps Tom Gorman Mets
1988 Donruss Julio Franco Indians
1988 Donruss Don Robinson Giants
1988 Fleer Scott Scudder Reds
1988 Topps Bob Sebra Expos
1988 Topps Jay Tibbs Expos
1989 Donruss Tony Fernandez Blue Jays
1989 Fleer Dwight Gooden Mets
1989 Score Traded Wally Backman Twins
1989 Topps Kevin McReynolds Mets
1990 Donruss John Smolty Braves
1990 Score Kirk McCaskill Angels
1991 Leaf Hector Villanueva Cubs
1991 Upper Deck Darren Fletcher Phillies
2001 Fleer Tradition Mike Lieberthal Phillies
2004 Topps Total Mark Kotsay Athletics
2008 Topps Boof Bosner Twins
2013 Panini Pinnacle Adam Jones Orioles
What a name!
Pack 4:
1986 Topps Tim Flannery Padres
1987 Donruss Dan Pasqua Yankees
1987 Fleer Ed Whitson Padres
1988 Donruss Jack Howell Angels
1988 Donruss Mike Aldrete Giants
1988 Fleer Jesse Barfield Blue Jays
1988 Topps Larry Sheets Orioles
1989 Fleer Bob Boone Angels
1989 Fleer Van Snider Reds
1989 Score Traded Greg Cadaret Yankees
1989 Topps Doc Gooden Mets
1990 Bowman Ken Howell Phillies
1990 Score Scott Garrelts Giants
1990 Topps Pascual Perez Expos
1991 Score Jeff Parrett Braves
1991 Upper Deck Tom Henke Blue Jays
2001 Bowman Wes Anderson Marlins
2006 Fleer Ryan Freel Reds
2011 Topps Tim Hudson Braves
2012 Bowman Angelys Nina Rockies

When did he have time to write 'The Royal Tenenbaums'.
85 cards (one pack had 25 cards not the advertised 20)and not one single Red Sox.

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