Friday 23 June 2017

PressTine Baseball Trading Cards

"While you are in America could you buy some baseball cards? ...I will give you the money!"
One of the pitfalls in asking people from the UK to buy baseball cards while they are visiting the US, usually Florida, is that they will sometimes return with these PreeTine repacks. I am usually hoping for packs and I am not that fussy, encouraging them to look in Walmart or Target, even Toys 'R' Us for the latest cards. However the PreeTine packs will be filled with cards that I am sure will come the late 80's -early 90's era 'Junk Wax'.
I must add that I appreciate the effort people have taken to actually find the cards, nevertheless these packs will not yield cards to fill my wants list.
The last time I received some of these, there was 20 cards in the pack, so the number has bumped a little. More cards for your money?
And the packs were purchased from a service station in Florida. A service station?

I have three packs and each pack contains 30 'genuine collectible trading cards'

Pack 1:
1983 Donruss Glenn Gulliver Orioles
1986 Fleer Alex Trevino Giants
1986 Fleer Terry Whitfield Dodgers
1986 Topps Traded Ozzie Virgil Braves
1987 Topps Traded Pat Pacillo Reds
1988 Topps Bill Buckner Angels
1988 Topps Roger Craig Mgr Giants
1988 Topps Dave Dravecky Giants
1989 Topps Joel Skinner Yankees
1988 Topps Pete Incaviglia Rangers
1989 Topps Pascual Perez Expos
1989 Topps Les Lancaster Cubs
1989 Topps Mike Scioscia Dodgers
1989 Topps Scott Fletcher Rangers
1989 Topps Dickie Thon Padres
1989 Topps Kent Hrbrek Twins
1990 Score Jack Howell Angels
1990 Topps Pat Clements Padres
1990 Topps Dave Righetti Yankees
1990 Topps Beau Allred Indians 
1990 Topps Eric Plunk Yankees
1991 Classic  Jerome Walton Cubs
2000 Fleer Tradition Vernon Wells Blue Jays
2000 Topps Finest Dee Brown Royals
2001 Stadium Club David Wells White Sox
2002 Topps Lou Pinella Mgr Mariners 
2009 Topps B.J.Ryan Blue Jays
2009 Upper Deck Series 2 Jonathan Sanchez Giants
2012 Topps Joe Nathan Rangers
Real Gum stained cards in this pack!

Pack 2:
1982 Topps Joe Torre Cardinals
1987 Fleer Traded Danny Tartabull Royals
1987 Topps Thad Bosley Cubs
1988 Fleer Doug DeCinces Cardinals
1988 Topps Devon White Angels
1988 Topps Ed Nunez Mariners
1989 Fleer Jim Rice Red Sox
1989 Topps Mickey Brantley Mariners
1989 Topps Frank Tanana Tigers
1989 Topps Jeffrey Leonard Brewers
1989 Topps Stan Javier Athletics
1989 Topps Bobby Meachem Yankees
1989 Topps Bob Boone Angels
1989 Topps Traded Lee Guetterman Yankees
1990 Score Milt Thompson Cardinals
1990 Score Mickey Tettleton Orioles
1990 Score Rolando Roomes Reds
1990 Topps Jack Howell Angles
1990 Topps Barry Lyons Mets
1991 Classic Troy Salvior Cardianls
1991 Score Howrad Johnson Mets
1991 Topps Al Leiter Blue Jays
1993 Pinnacle Chris Haney Royals
2003 Topps Heritage Omar Vizquel Indians
2003 Upper Deck Vintage Sean Burroughs Padres
2006 Topps Coco Crisp Indians
2007 Topps Flashback Fridays Michael Young
2008 Topps Chrome Bobby Abreu Yankees
2011 Bowman Chrome Ivan DeJesus Dodgers
2011 Bowman Chrome Scott Maine Cubs
I am actually collecting these Flashback Fridays.

Pack 3:
1983 Donruss Tom O'Malley Giants
1983 Donruss David Palmer Expos
1984 Topps Pat Putnam Mariners
1986 Fleer Lance McCullers Padres
1986 Fleer Rich Dauer Orioles
1986 Topps Traded Bill Gullickson Reds
1987 Hygrade All-Time Greats Sam Crawford Tigers
1988 Donruss Dave Smith Astros
1988 Topps Larry Sheets Orioles
1989 Topps Jim Walewander Tigers
1989 Topps Jim Pankovits Astros
1989 Topps John Davis White Sox
1989 Topps Bobby Bonilla Pirates
1989 Topps Terry Leach Mets
1989 Topps Larry Sheets Orioles
1989 Topps Tony LaRussa Mgr Athletics
1990 Score Mike Jackson Mariners
1990 Score Jose Oquendo Cardinals
1990 Topps Scott Terry Cardinals
1990 Topps Tom Kelly Mrg Twins
1990 Topps Oddibe McDowell Braves
1990 Topps Dennis Boyd Red Sox
1992 Fleer Sid Bream Braves
2000 Fleer Tradition Matt Riley Orioles
2001 Fleer Future Mike Mussina Orioles
2002 Bowmans Best Shea Hillenbrand Red Sox
2004 Donruss Extra Jody Gerut Indians
2009 Topps Tug Hulett Mariners
2013 Topps Johnny Giavotella Royals
2015 Bowman Gary Brown Giants

So these were much better than I expected. I collected the Flashback Friday cards, so it was surprise to find a card to add to the collection plus a couple of Red Sox. The 'Who to Watch' die cut cards from Fleer Tradition are nice looking cards as well.
Overall a better selection of cards but the majority, roughly half the packs, were Junk Wax.

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