Monday 26 June 2017

2017 Sainbury's Create the World Lego cards

A little change of pace today.
A supermarket called Sainsbury's, not unlike Walmart or Target, started a promotion on the 3rd of May in which exclusive packs of cards containing LEGO Create the World minifigure collector trading cards were handed out. The cards were available at all checkouts, cafes, petrol filling stations and through the online service. 
There are 140 cards to collect including 104 minifigure characters and 36 special “Create” cards. There is a £2 album to store your collection and also booster packs were available to purchase for 50p.
The cards could be collected for free when you shopped at Sainsbury’s. When you spent £10 in the supermarkets or online you would earn one pack of four cards, and when you spent £5 in the local (smaller) stores you would earn one pack of two cards. 
The cards are roughly 5cm (2") x 8cm (3") in size. 
We do our 'big shop' at Sainsbury's. Groceries, etc and we spend a little bit of money, so these packs of cards started to pour in. If you were lucky at the check-out the people before you would give you their packs as well. I have a few unopened packs stashed away to add to some trade packages.
But as a taster here are five packs.

Pack 1:
#56 Diner Waitress
#76 Shark Suit Guy
#98 Skater Girl
#126 Statue of Liberty 

Pack 2:
#42 Weightlifter
#63 Frightening Knight
#73 Hot Air Balloon
#134 Plant Monster

Pack 3:
#49 Monkey
#84 Crazy Scientist
#101 Small Clown
#131 Piggy Guy

Pack 4:
#14 Baseball Player
#23 Chameleon
#52 Banana Guy
#104 Clumsy Guy

Pack 5:
#13 Routemaster Bus
#23 Plumber
#85 Wolf Guy
#62 Unicorn Girl

We collected the whole set, although some cards were a little harder to obtain than others,( sound familiar?) and we have quite a few as spare, if anyone would like some.There are two baseball players, a batter and catcher to collect.

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