Thursday, 7 January 2010

1990 Donruss

Here's to the first pack from Jonathan in Toronto, who sent five packs all from the year 1990. I would imagine that everyone has collected the teams sets from this unique product
- orange wrapper, red border. I am guessing that Donruss either produced a hell of a lot of these cards or they are recycled by collectors (unwrapped, cherry picked and then rewrapped) as they are so readily available.
I don't need any of the 27 Red Sox cards from this set. There are 10 cards and 3 puzzle pieces per pack.
The Pack:
#81 Kent Hrbek Twins
#100 Lee Smith Red Sox
#185 Mark McGwire A's
#309 Walt Terrell Yankees
#401 Rene Gonzales Orioles
#441 Mark Grant Padres
#467 Jose Nunez Blue Jays
#564 Domingo Jose A's
#589 Kevin Bass Astros
#666 Ricky Horton Cardinals
puzzle pices 10,11,12

Hmm, pretty much what I expected from this set. In comparison to other cards such as Upper Deck from the same year, these cards appear very flimsy and the photography poor.

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