Saturday, 9 January 2010

1990 Upper Deck Baseball

The third card pack from Jonathan in Toronto. The Upper Deck from 1990 is of a superior quality to the Fleer and Donruss helpings. The card stock appears to be similar however the photography is not. They have a glossy feel and holographic logo. The cards were enclosed in a sealed foil pack. The sealed foil pack would hopefully eliminate cherry picking of the best cards and resealing the packs.
There are 15 cards per pack and 1 holographic sticker.
There are still a few cards that I need to complete the Red Sox team set:
#57 Roger Clemens
#133 Marty Barrett
#321 Jody Reed
#343 Ellis Burks
#402 Rich Gedman
#461 Rob Murphy
#484 Dennis Boyd
#610 Mike Smithson
#694 Mike Rochford
#708 Tom Brunansky
#748 Tony Pena
#764 Mickey Pina RC
The pack:
#8 Angels checklist
#75 Bo Jackson Royals
#173 Mark Williamson Orioles
#189 Tom Browning Reds
#251 Bob Welch Athletics
#278 Milt Thompson Cardinals
#359 Mike Bielecki Cubs
#378 Ernie Riles Giants
#415 Mike Aldrete Expos
#440 Juan Berenguer Twins
#467 Todd Worrell Cardinals
#510 Dave Anderson Dodgers
#545 Todd Zeile Cardinals
#671 John Dopson Red Sox
#687 Lance Blankenship Athletics
Braves sticker
Finally a Red Sox but still not one that I needed to add to the collection.


  1. did you see the stickers they are giving away in The Mirror????
    they don't do that here. you are so lucky my friend.

  2. They were giving away free albums as well. I picked up one for you but thought another quest was no what you would want at the moment.