Friday, 29 January 2010

2009 Topps Updates and Highlights Jumbo pack

Yes I know there are people posting 2010 Topps but I am in a little behind when it comes to 'fresh' product. Thankfully the word is well and truly out that I collect baseball cards - I have been trying hard enough to get it out there. The downside is the giggles and comments of a grown man collecting cards, etc. The upside is that friends of friends who visit the US bring back cards! This fine looking jumbo came from a parent at school, whose sister went to the US for a short break over Christmas. Thought you might like these she said as they were handed over.
I haven't received any of the Red Sox UH cards as of yet, so the good news is any Red Sox will be a welcome addition.
The Jumbo:
#UH2 Felipe Lopez Brewers
#UH51 Jesus Guzman Giants
#UH55 Ben Zorbist Bay Rays
#UH60 Brandon Inge Tigers
#UH86 Carlos Pena Bay Rays
#UH87 Jake Peavy White Sox
#UH88 Classic Combos Leyland/LaRussa
#UH98 Hanley Ramirez Marlins
#UH94 Jarrod Washburn Tigers
#UH101 Nick Green Red Sox
#UH105 Luis Valbuena Indians
#UH107 Anthony Swarzak Twins (x2)
#UH122 Classic Combos Youkilis et al.
#UH124 Delwyn Young Pirates (x2)
#UH128 Chone Figgins Angels
#UH132 Joe Thurston Cardinals
#UH140 Jack Wilson Mariners
#UH144 Ronny Cedeno Pirates
#UH148 Micah Hoffpaur Cubs (x2)
#UH147 Jayson Nix White Sox (x2)
#UH171 Trevor Hoffman Brewers
#UH179 Carl Crawford Bay Rays
#UH181 Zach Duke Pirates
#UH191 Ben Zorbist Bay Rays gold 1579/2009
#UH197 Dan Harden D-backs
#UH224 Takashi Saito Red Sox
#UH262 Jeff Niemann Bay Rays
#UH284 Mark Melancon Yankees
#UH309 Scott Podsednik White Sox
#LGU20 Frank Robinson Reds
#PP8 David Wright Mets
#TTT73 Matt Cain Giants
There is 2 Red Sox cards which isn't a great ratio, technically 3 but one of the cards is a classic combo with Youkilis but mainly pictures Derek Jeter.
This was a Bay Rays pack crossing the line with 5 cards including a gold border numbered card. Unfortunately 4 of the cards were duplicated. This may be common in jumbo packs and I have been lucky, as I haven't experienced this sort of duplication before.


  1. I just mailed you a package the other day. I think it has some 09 U&H in it too.

  2. People who giggle at people who collect cards make me sad.

    How are their hobbies "more grown-up"?