Wednesday, 6 January 2010

1991 Score Series 1

The third instalment of the Big B Junk Wax package. What a pack it is too! You just have to appreciate Scores attempts to join the big boys. They went all out in 1991 and included a host of inserts, or subsets as they like to call them. Rookie Prospects, First Draft Picks, AL All-stars, Master Blasters, K-Men, Riflemen, NL All-stars, No-hitters, Franchise, Award Winners and Dream Team. That is 10 inserts and the card fronts on the rest were one of four different colours. A massive 893 cards issued in two series.

There was also a special American Flag insert card (#737) to honour American soldiers in Desert Storm. If that is not enough for you, there are Chipper Jones, Mike Mussina, Carl Everett and Jeff Conine rookie cards and enough errors to keep the specific collector happy.

There are 16 cards per pack and a magic motion trivia card.
I still need these Red Sox cards:
#245 Tom Brunansky
#348 Phil Plantier RC
#393 Wade Boggs All-star
#655 Roger Clemens
#790 Tony Pena
#831 John Marzano
#859 Reuben Sierra Franchise

The Pack:
#7 Will Clark Giants
#82 Dave Martinez Expos
#98 Bill Landrum Pirates
#102 Jaime Navarro Brewers
#173 Jody Reed Red Sox
#176 Larry Sheets Tigers
#178 Chris Gwynn Dodgers
#179 Melido Perez White Sox
#293 Les Lancaster Cubs
#295 Kurt Stillwell Royals
#298 Glenn Wilson Astros
#300 Ramon Martinez Dodgers
#390 Rondell White Expos Draft Pick
#395 Cecil Fielder Tigers All-Star
#410 Bobby Witt Rangers K-Man
#415 Ken Caminiti Astros Rifleman
#45 Mini magic holo-magic motion thingy

Hey, hey a Red Sox, 4 inserts/subsets and yet still what a beauty of a set.

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  1. I actually loved '91 Score when it came out. Beautiful design and stunning photography. Too bad Score had a habbit of printing enough cards to block out the sun. There's probably a truck of these buried in Yucca Mountain.