Friday, 22 January 2010

1989 Topps Baseball Yearbook Stickers

In the new year, the Topps Premier League 'Official' sticker collection hit the shelves. A tabloid newspaper called the Mirror gave away 42 of the stickers for free. Six stickers per day for a week and included was a voucher to claim your free album. Although I wasn't able to get all the free stickers, I was able to claim 4 free albums.

I am a big fan of stickers, there are a few full albums(and empty ones) amongst my collection. I like the fact that they are tucked away neatly inside the book. I know that Brian from Waxaholic is a fan of stickers, he is so close to completing last years Premier League set.

So today I present the Topps Baseball stickers from 1989.
The disappointing thing about collecting Premiership stickers is that you discard the back. There has been some attempts at making them usable, quiz questions, trivia and making some sort of mosaic, but lets face it the manufactures have failed to find a way to make them anything but rubbish. They should look no further than the ingenious Topps sticker cards. Sticker on one side and a collectible card the other. Although they are not the photographic quality of the regular Topps cards, it solves the problem of the virtually worthless sticker back.

From this pack I receivedthese cards:

#14 Joe Carter Indians
#20 Dave Winfield Yankees
#42 Vance Law Cubs
#53 Darryl Strawberry Mets
#65 John Franco Reds

And you will have to excuse my ignorance as to who the players on the stickers are.

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  1. This set has HUGE variation possibilities, because you could find multiple backs on different fronts. I wonder if anyone has ever compiled a complete variation listing for this set.