Friday, 8 January 2010

1990 Fleer baseball

I don't have much luck with Fleer 1990. In previous attempts to secure Red Sox I have drawn a blank. Yankees a plenty though. This pack was sent by Jonathan in Toronto, it may be from a vending machine but there is no verification of this.
I still need 8 Red Sox from this set:
#266 Marty Barrett
#267 Mike Boddicker
#270 Rick Cerone
#274 Dwight Evans
#278 Danny Heep
#281 Rob Murphy
#283 Carlos Quintana
#627 Roger Clemens '86

There are 10 cards and a sticker per pack. There is also a possibility of a Sammy Sosa Rookie and the lesser known Ripken (Ripkin) error card.
The pack:
#105 Luis de los Sanos Royals
#112 Charlie Leibrandt Royals
#372 Mike Dyer Twins
#387 Gary Wayne Twins
#428 Luis Quinones Reds
#434 Scott Scudder Reds
#437 Jesse Barfield Yankees
#440 Greg Cadaret Yankees
#442 Bob Green Yankees
#450 Dale Monorcic Yankees
Yankees sticker
The less said about this pack the better. I refuse to believe that this is an un-searched pack. Four Yankees and a Yankees sticker?

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